Superrally Paris 1985

Around this time in 1985 we were in Paris on the Superrally. It was, how shall I put it, mind-blowing. Then the brand new ‘Blockheads’ were the talk of the day. Also the Sporster ‘Café racer’ with two carburetors were hot. Anyway, Beer and I went to the Eiffel-tower to see what it was all about. For many years I had this vision that this tower reaches the sky.

Then, on the 26th of may in 1985, we stood there and both looked up to see the top of the Eiffel tower. The first thing what came to my mind was;’Huh, is this all.? What a bummer!’ But then again, we both saw it with our own eyes. One thing less on our huge bucket list.

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