Superrally Paris 1985 – III

Yesterday I wrote that we visited several terraces in Paris. There was also a lot going on on the Superrally site itself. These include setting fire to rice-burners, strip acts and organizing breakfast, just to name a few.

photo made by my younger brother Blut
photo made by my younger brother Blut

But what also struck me at the time were the ladies who were also present in large numbers. Close to where we had pitched our tents, the day after we arrived, a van from England came with a young lady whose, how shall I put it, amazing appearance, when you see her in front of you, makes your heart beat faster. Her long curly hair, natural smile.., well you get the picture! Ha, I’m wondering of again.

My Harley in front of their van.

And because I already took a lot of photos, it was a little difficult for me to also capture her on the sensitive plate and start a conversation with her. Unfortunately I no longer remember her name and where she came from. Maybe one of you can answer this for me. Please even. Coming week more about this particular weekend 37 years ago.

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