Building a clubhouse

Many clubs all over the world are great in building or making things for their club. A clubhouse is one of those things and the most rewarding as well. Ones it is ready, a sense of relief and also a great feeling of proud comes over those who have been a part of this process. Not everybody is as handy as they would like to be, but that doesn’t mean they can contribute during this period.

All clubs who have been building a clubhouse know what I’m talking about. Anyway, here some photo’s of a quarter century ago when we build our former clubhouse, the one that has gone up in smoke.

On this two photos we see a former member, Torra, buisy with a pump and a shovel. The pump couldn’t pump the muddy clay away, so the shovel had to do the trick. And yes, that’s heavy work.

Stud and me looking at the result so far.

Stoker at his best.

The ‘Theo’s’ and Beer

Bruut and Brembo

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