Sporty Monday

Schweik, my older brother Toon and Kwak

I’m not sure if you can call this a sporting activity, but with a big hangover after a long weekend of partying it is certainly not an easy activity. Dismantling and neatly storing the tents again. Many of you know what I mean. Nowadays they often just leave the ‘junk’ alone. Then it was different. Here are some pictures of these activities during the Superrally in Denmark. That was mid-May in 1986.

Brom, Beer, Kwak, Schweik and Toon
My younger brother Blut, Brom, Beer, Schweik and Kwak
Kwak, Fonda and myself; ‘Brass’

Brom was a hangarround at the time, but never a member. Kwak and Toon are former members and Blut and Schweik are no longer among us. May they rest in peace.

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