Hip, hip, hooray, my 35th Anniversary!

This day, in the evening of 1987, I had my accident. I broke my neck quite high then. C5/C6 for those who know what I’m talking about. Now I have had quite a lot of misery in my path over the past 35 years, but certainly as much, if not more, happiness. I met my wife when I was already in the wheelchair. She was an economics teacher and I retrained as an accountant and IT specialist. And the support of my brothers has been and is phenomenal. Well, the years fly by like a Harley with some extra horsepower. And you know what’s crazy, I’d do it all over again, and if it were possible, without some parts. Ha, ha…!!!

A few hours before I was hit by a farmer on a tractor, I was visiting an aunt and uncle of mine. My nephews and nieces were allowed to ride with me a bit behind and in front of the motorcycle. So that was my last photo where I can be seen on my Harley. Less than four hours before my accident. Well, it can go wrong.

former member Loek and me

Then I have a photo of Loek, a former member, and me busy replacing a window frame. I was a carpenter at the time. This photo was taken two weeks earlier that same year and was pretty much the penultimate photo of me in my old ways. And now on to forty years!

Five years ago I had a big party at our clubhouse to celebrate my 30th Anniversary. That was a great party.

Dionne and me
me in the corner, Olly, Beer, Brembo, Bram and Nacks
Dreads, Big Fred and our president Wicky

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