Old photo II

Next month in the first weekend of August, our club will celebrate its 43rd anniversary. Time flies faster every year and even Elon Musk can’t keep up with his already very fast Teslas. Perhaps his ‘Raptor II’ full combustion engines will help. But now back with both feet on the ground. Below is a group photo from 1985 when we first organized a club party in the then newly opened clubhouse, our well-known ‘Big Twin Saloon’.

Nacks, my younger brother Blut, Fonda, Schweik, Beer, my older sister Vic, and me -Brass and in the front Kwak, Jezus and Stud. Other members weren’t there when this photo was made. Cancer and Outlaw were in South-Africa at the time. My older brother Toon, Speedy, Brat and hangaround Skull, Brom and some others are missing too.

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