RMC Party 2022 – ‘Slowrace Winner’

This prize was forged in fire and made by RMC member Sloper

You have bikers in all sizes and shapes from all over the world. And also from young to old. But they all have one thing in common; they like bike riding and a bit of ‘competition’ among each other.

Especially when it comes to ‘knowing’ their own strength and weaknesses most of ‘m try to exaggerate their own abilities. And that is exactly what makes ‘Silly games’ such a fun to watch and/or to take part of it and try to go for the ultimate goal; ‘try to win the prize’.

The weather was perfect and the visitors all in very good mood. A lot of ‘m had their mobile phone ready for some photos or video recording. And of course each of them had their own ‘favourite’.

There were several rounds and the winner from each round had to compete against the other winners in the final run. This year it was almost a ‘photo’ finish, but Tristan stayed less then 30cm behind his direct opponent which made him the ‘Slowest’.

Extreme concentration and tension can be read from their faces. Here we see Tristan during the ‘final’ lap.

Ger and Fonda in action to decide who’s the ‘slowest’ in each round.

And Tristan happened to be the ‘slowest’and ‘youngest’ biker as well. A little over 18 or just 19 years old. It makes me feel old… haha.

Tristan on his way to ‘eternal fame’.

Beer and Tristan proud holding his award.

Club-president Wicky in the back, Beer and Tristan

This says it all… the proud winner.

Photos made by Dionne and Sharon.

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