RMC Party 2022 – ‘Kickstart winner’

Kickstart award forged in fire and made by RMC Member Sloper

This year the challenge was to run about 25 metres to your bike, try to ‘kickstart’ your bike to life, then ride with your bike to the point where you started to run from. Some of the contenders forgot the last part. But hey, that’s why it’s called ‘silly games’.

Kickstartrace ontenders lining up for the contest
Ready, set, go……

Below and above some pictures of this game and Lakeside receiving his ‘award’ from Beer and made by our Rogue member Sloper. Photos made by Dionne and Sharon.

After several rounds Rene from HDC Lakeside was announced winner of this contest.

Rene, the winner of the ‘kickstart’ race
A proud moment of victory and ‘eternal’ fame
Rene and Beer
Rene with his award and Wicky, President of RMC Opmeer

As always happy faces when awarded a RMC prize made Rogues members

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