In memory of Manny 1964-2004

As always there are those days that your mind wonders of to the past. And certainly today that’s with me the case. This day in 2004 my brother and very close friend past away.
The circumstances were as we say, a bit dubious, but he, give him some slack….

For me personally though, it was and still is a big blow. And that’s why this day still stays a bit of a struggle for me. It brings me back to the day’s before and up to the day he died.

Hmmm…, ride safe up there Manny, see you later…

Brass, RMCF

Tipically a thing Manny would do for me or those in need. Manny in the middle looking after me to make sure I’m okay and not falling out of my wheelchair on my weddingday on the 24th of May 1995. We also see Ger on the left and Fonda on the right.

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