Spiders MC their 35th Anniversary

On the 24th of September Spiders MC in Delft celebrated their 35th Anniversary. The Spiders and us know each other since the Superrally in Slagharen, Holland of 1987.

This piece of art was made by our member Sloper. He’s a real artist with iron items.

It ‘clicked’ just so to speak. We had a lot of fun together that weekend. Shortly afterwards they came to our club party in our old wooden clubhouse. In the following years we met many times. The weird thing is that I ended up in hospital with a spinal cord injury right after the Super Rally. So basically the Spiders and I go “on par.”

Our gift presented during their 35th anniversary

But that’s not the point here, of course. The party was top notch as usual. We feel at home with them and that is always a good sign. We wish them many more years of existence.

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