One thought on “Back in da days – Chopper Panhead”

  1. Yeah, right on – a blast from the past. THX!
    Three great big twins in just one pic. Two of them fabricated by artists and one of them hopefully not – but who couldn´t care less now. Guess it was taken from an early 1970´s „Jammer´s Handbook“, if I remember correctly. (Gotta dig it up – know I still have it… somewhere, sure do.) Also liked the Denver´s Chop pic from an @ 1970 Street Chopper mag, (eh, as above), although at that time it appeared a whole lotta too exaggerated to me. But WTF – it was half a century ago and on a different continent. And who gives a bloody shit right now – xactly. We got a whole lot to think, worry and take care about nowadays – sadly nuff. But we have to face it and stand in for „our ways“. As it has always been… hopefully.
    Keep the spririt up.

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