If you search for anything on the internet, no matter what, you will undoubtedly, like me, sometimes be faced with strange surprises.

Take this ad on E-Bay now. I searched for ‘Easyriders Magazines’ from 1971. This advertisement suggests that the page offered with an advertisement from ‘Eayriders’ to ‘entice’ you to subscribe to the magazine in question is from 1971.
Since the first four issues from 1971 are difficult to score, this will have an effect on the price one way or another.

The advertisement shown here does not come even close to the first issues from 1971. As the number ’24’ in the advertisement suggests, it was found in Easyriders Magzine number 24 from October 1974.
That said, of course, it’s not the “madman” that asks, but the “crazy one” that gives in this scenario.

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