Easyriders magazine April 1972

Last week or so I wrote something about a advert sold on E-Bay. In the April issue of 1972 below they also promoted to get a subscription on Easyriders magazine ”while it was still legal to do so.”

It costed you only three dollars for one year and the ‘one penny’ for somthing good to calm yourself down. Anyway, today they – at Classic Easyriders.com – charge you sixty dollars for one year for the printed version.

The ‘old’ Easyriders magazines started in June 1971 and stopped in September 2019 with number 554. They restarted under the name ‘Classic Eayriders magazine’ in December 2021 with number 555 and since January 2023, number 568, they left the word ‘Classic’ away. So now it’s Easyriders magazine again, but is it the same as old versions. That’s for you readers to decide…

As you can see in the advert this was issue number 6 and don’t let you tell otherwise.

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