Visitors in da house

Last week several guests arrived at our clubhouse. Among them members from Death MF and Deathtraps MC.

From left to right we see Luke, Victor, Hank, Mark, Buddy, Beer, Olly,Bob, Wicky, Snickle and M&M.

And as befits a good host, we don’t leave our guests to fend for themselves. Last Saturday we had a tourist tour on the program including the world famous windmills that provide our country with dry feet for many centuries. Even now they help. Especially during extreme rainfall. Of course there is much more to see, but as with any road trip; you have to make choices.

Making ready to hit the road

Wicky, our President, standing on the porch and overseeing the guests preparing for a scenic tour.

Typically Dutch; ‘windmills’.

M&M from the States standing in front of Dutch pride, a windmill for pumping away water.

Back at the clubhouse later in the day time for some beer or whatever. Yank, in the middle, showing how it’s done…

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