Building Choppers

Since we have a clubhouse we have been building bikes there every Saturday. We had years that we built like five different new choppers in one year built we also had years that not one chop came out of the clubhouse-garage. It is always members building their own with the help of other members.

This winter we are helping Nol to build a super slim 70’s chopper. Nol made the springer himself when he still was in the states. The motor is a divorced Sportster motor, gearbox is a FX 4speed. The mocked up Frame will be finished by us soon.

Last Saturday, we had Beer, Mike and Zwendel helping. Bram just came to laugh and drink more. Other showed up to. Also for beer and laughs haha. Nol who recently broke his hip was there to give instructions since it will be his bike and he is the artist. Always good times

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