Harley Stroker

The ‘Stroke’ of a engine is how far the piston travels down the cylinder. To achieve this, there’s really no machining involved. Instead, internal parts such as the piston and/or flywheels are simply replaced with a larger version.

It’s all about ‘boosting’ your Harley-Davidson. These tuned Harleys were called ‘Stokers’. And one could go quite far with that. But that also had a price tag, of course.
Nowadays there are Harley’s with a lot of cc capacity as standard. At the time it was limited to 1200cc and later to 1340cc. So if you wanted more, you had to do it yourself.
Easyriders Magazine paid attention to this in a series of 9 articles at the beginning of their ‘existence’. Unfortunately I don’t have them all, but the ones I do have will be posted in the coming days.
Well, those were the days… Harley Strokers
The first was published in June 1971 in their first issue as seen below, and that’s more then fifty years ago by now….

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