Choppershow theme: ‘Swingarms’

The theme this year will be Swingarm choppers. Although most choppers on our show are hardtails, we will have some softail and swingarms too. Especially of the latter; the swingarms. We will have quite a few on display.

In the late seventies, early eighties people started chopping their Harley frames to accept longer frontends without the bike going up from the ground. Mostly the old factory hardtails but a lot of Stock Harley Swingarms were chopped too. Especially in the States. We are seeing a new trend of swingarm choppers lately and thought it was nice we could share a few with you all.

On photo, the Swingarm chopper of Fred from the Chopperheadz. Go see it in the flesh on March 31 in ‘Sporthal De Weijver’.

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