Swingarm – Choppershow Theme – III

Back in 1980 Schweik was the first of us to own a Harley. He swapped his Honda 550 swingarm chopper for this Harley ‘Liberator’ 45cu inch.

A few years later, in 1984, Fonda and former member Kwak also had a Harley ‘Liberator’. My older brother and former member Toon had one to.

Schweik bought a Harley swigarm after he sold his Liberator to Kwak and made this chopper from it. This photo was made in April 1984 and you see Schweik, me, Fona and Kwak behind Schweik’s swingarm chopper.

First a photo from 1984 with Kwak, Beer and me.

Our bikes parked in our garage at home in June 1985, prior to our trip to Sweden. Fonda’s Liberator, Kwak’s Liberator, Blut’s Sportster swingarm and in the back my Harley my swingarm chopper. Toon’s Liberator is just out of sight.

Me on my swigarm chopper back in 1985

Kwak and his Liberator in 1986

The photo above we see Toon on his Liberator and me and Brom on the back on my Harley chopper back in 1986 on our way to Denmark.

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