Two weeks from today – 30th RMC Choppershow

Yes it’s true, two weeks from today Sportscentre ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud will be Chopper centre of Holland for the 30st time. It all started back in 1992 in Blokker with our first RMC Choppershow as a – sort of – try-out and counterpart of the MotorRai where only the mainstream new bikes were shown.

In those years, before we started with our 1st show, CCN Beverwijk already organised choppershows in the summer outside on the main road of the shopping district.

Anyway, now thirtytwo years later we try again to show you chopper enthusiasts what’s going on in this scene. This years theme will be ‘Swingarms’ and our special guest for this year is Dale Arenson as shown above.

We’ll hope to meet you all again oh the 31st of March in the renovated sports hall. Till then.

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