Choppershow History – 1997

The show-poster below is from 1997 when we held our 6th RMC Choppershow for the fourth time in ‘De Dars’ in Wervershoof. On the poster we see Ed and his older brother and clubfounder Beer. As most of you know, Ed passed away in 2019. May he rest in peace.

Our 6th show was blessed with very good weather and many people visited ‘De Dars’ that day.

A small article published in ‘Noord-Hollands Dagblad’ n the 27th of March.

The ‘ticket shop’, a old caravan, with the security making sure all goes well.

Visitors all over the place…

Lifting a chopper on to a pick-up truck ain’t that easy as it seems.

The Black Sheep MC Hereveen stand.

The ‘workshop’ corner back in 1997.

We had to do a lot of lifting in the ‘Rogues’ corner to get them all in place.

The ‘Indian’ corner.

Junior and me back in 1997. As some of you might know, Junior, Stephanie and their baby doughter Édy are going through tough times at the monent and we all wish them all the best in the near future. See ink below.

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