Chopperking Traveling India

Holy mother of Mary! What would you do? You are way up high in the mountians, rivers of water on something we would never ever try to call a road. Just one mistake and you go off the cliff and disappear in oblivion. And the weather is cold, wet misty and  nasty. Man, I think I would just scream 'mama', put the bike a side and pray for Scotty to beam me up.

Chopperking traveling India

An open mind? That is exactly what Yvon has. The man just loves visiting these mysterious places. And you know what? It is in the blood of many a Breton. Bretagne, France is where you will still find many old hippies and in the sixties and seventies many of them went to India in search of their true self or just because it was a part of their lifestyle. Bet they did not do it by motorcycle like Yvon here does now.