X-mas goodies

X-mas is coming soon. Gathering around a X-mas tree with family and friends… looking at the presents underneath the tree… which are most likely a pair of socks or something you never wanted in the first place…

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Inferno at Rabalder MC

Yesterday we received the sad news that our Norwegian friends, Rabalder MC, had lost their clubhouse to a big fire. The old, some hundred plus years, community building, caught fire and was completly lost. Luckily no one was injured in this inferno. The local firemen knew that Rabalder members had their bikes parked at the clubhouse. Once they saw they couldn’t control the fire, they went in to save the bikes.

Sadly we can imagine what Rabalder is going through now… since well… you know…

We want to wish Rabalder all the best in this sad episode.

Rabalder remember… in the end… STRONGER THEN EVER!

Choppershow sweaters and t-shirts SALE!

We’re having a Choppershow sale on our webshop. Buy your Choppershow sweaters of previous years but also this years sweater and t-shirt!  Since the choppershows are each year unique events, we don’t do backorders. So make sure you buy yours before it’s sold out!

The sale ends on sunday 15 april!

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After being offline for about a  month, a lot of hard work was done to get our webshop back online again! And guess what… WE DID IT! This time with much more items, more payment options, track & trace option and best of all… with better prices!

Wanna be part of the Rogue Brotherhood and contribute to rebuilding our clubhouse! Or do you want to show the world that you are a true chopperlover…

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