Ah well, as I wrote earlier, some things are less seen in todays magazines. Before the author knows what’s going on, a bunch of lawyers are breathing down his neck. ‘Me too’ and all..

Some forty-five years ago things were more laid back. That same year I became eighteen and therefor I was allowed to ride a bike with a test driver’s license. In hose years that was still possible. Nowadays you need a pile of permits.

Each country comes up with more rules and regulations. The article above was placed in the Easyriders Magazine of September 1978. And because it’s weekend, we bikers have other things on our mind, like tits, right…

Hava a nice weekend,

Brass, RMCF

30th RMC Choppershow

As I wrote earlier this year, we are already busy planning our upcoming chopershow. And as each year again, our local government has ‘new’ or ‘extra’ regulations.

This means some of us, in this case me, has to redraw the layout of the building, routes and surroundings. We’re always amazed how much rules they come up with and each year it’s more and each year it’s stricter.

Those of you who have to deal with the same ‘shit’ know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, we’ve several months ahead of us, so…. see you all then again.