Years back

In 1984 we went once again to Sweden to have a hell of a good time. That year Beer, Fonda, my older brother Toon, Nacks, Kwak, Schweik and I arrived by ferry in Gothenburg.

There we visited for the second time Mothers Freak MC. They invited us to go on a boat trip. They had a old boat themselves.

Anyway, it was awesome to go together with some of them on their boat. Here’s a photo I made of the exhaust-pipe. Cool.

29th RMC Choppershow

CB 650 Hardtail chopper. On our RMC show, this year, for the first time quite a few choppers based around a classic Japanese engine. Cool shit. It are not only Harleys we are interested in. On the contrary. The majority of choppers on our show is already Milwaukee Iron, so some other brands helps to freshens it all up. It are choppers we love! No matter what brand.