30th RMC Choppershow

Willem van Vliet behind his show-project; Jan de Wit, a.k.a. Chopper Dokter, who passed away last year, on a fueltank.


Beer and Els behind the ‘Chop, Ride & Party’ books publisged by Beer himself.


Our special guest this year; Dale Arenson and his wife behind their book-stall at our show.


30th RMC Choppershow winner

Yesterday we held our 30th RMC Choppershow in ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud. Dale Arenson from Arizona- USA was our special guest this year. Dale, an chopper-expert himself, had the honor to point out the winner of the show.

The winner this year was Bart Hendriks. He arrived at our show on his black ‘Wild Swede’ with a more then 20inch overstock fork. Wicky, our president, club-founder Beer and Dale Arenson handed out the prizes awarded to him.

The trophy, made by Beer, a signed book from Dale Arenson, a E 100,–voucher from Roadside repairshop and not the least; eternal fame.



Wicky, Bart Hendriks, Beer and Dale Arenson

Photo made by Dionne

Bart on his ‘Wild Swede’

For more details about Dale Arenson scan the QR-Code.

Notification regarding the route to our 30th RMC Choppershow

For those of you who are planing to come to our 3Oth RMC Choppershow and want to take the AC de Graafweg [N241] from the side of Alkmaar and Schagen, we advise you to search for a alternative direction due to work on the west side of the N241. Such as the N242, and then the N239 in the direction of the A7 and then back to Opmeer/Hoogwoud again. Sorry for the inconvenience.