Harley Stroker – VIII

The past few weeks I posted several articles about ‘how to tune your Harley’. I also wrote that I miss some of the oldest Easyriders magazines. A blog-reader called Marcel mailed me the three missing parts. These parts were published in a other magazine. I don’t know which. As probably everybody knows, the internet can provide you with a lot. Not everything, but still. So below part two of the serie ‘Different Strokes for Different Folks’ published first in the second Easyriders magazine of August 1971 by Paisano Publications Inc., Burbank California.

The two pages above were provided by Marcel.


Dale Arenson, writer of the highly popular HANGMEN book and available through Amazon. And for the Dutch readers; Bruna.

In the chopper scene this man has become a true legend and you know what? We have him on our show as a special guest! All the way from California, Dale Arenson will be there to answer all your questions and maybe even sign some books.  A true honor.

Dale Arenson back in 1969 on his chopper

Dale today

Old Shoebox pictures

Blut and Schweik back in 1987

Back in 1987, in February, we went to a party in Uppsala in Sweden. Gjutjarn MC organised a big party in their new clubhouse. It was their 9th Anniversy. And a ‘big’ party it was.

While we were there, we also visited some old friends on our way to Uppsala. One of them, Thomas, lived in Norrkoping. We stayed overnight at his apartment. When we entered the room, his former girlfriend asked us in a more comepelling way to take of our shoes/boots. We looked at each other and started laughing. We asked her if she was sure about us taking of our shoes….

Yes, she insisted to do so. Well….., that we didn’t drop dead all at the same time can be called a mirracle. Man oh man, what a smell. Those things stays with you for a long, long time. This sort of details you’ll never forget.

Me with my camera in my hand

Jezus, me behind him, Schweik and my older brother Toon. Photos made by Thomas Raberg.

30 years of RMC Choppershow posters

We started with our first RMC Choppershow in 1992, April 19th in Blokker. A year later in Abbekerk and from 1994 till 2002 in Wervershoof in ‘De Dars’. Then, in 2003, we moved to Hoorn in ‘Kart City Hoorn’. And since 2007 we hold our Choppershow in ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud. We had to cancel our shows in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona regulations. We had to cancel it again last year due to renovations in sportscentre ‘De Dars’. But this year – 2024 – we reached our 30th RMC Choppershow. When you think of the above one wonders where all these years have gone.

But hey, I’m pleased to been part of it. Thirty shows is a milestone, that’s for sure. We, Rogues MC Opmeer and Almere, hope that you have enjoyed our shows over the years and hope to meet you all again on March 31st in ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud for our 30th RMC Chopperhow.

Brass, RMCF