Winter Project Molly

On this picture we see Molly’s Ironhead half stripped. Molly is planning to change it into a chopper with the help from my good ol’ friend Beer. Beer wants to ‘hardtail’ the frame by stretching and raking it to the front. They also planned to put in and on a Girder fork and a Alien fuel tank. When this project will be ready is hard to tell, but progress is made.

Some other projects are on their way as well. Ger is making/changing his Easyrider Chopper more and more looking like the ‘original’ as in the movie ‘Easyriders’. Bram, our prospect, is letting his bike to rust more and more to get the ‘right’ result. Beer is busy with his ‘Shortster’, a project with a shortened Sportster engine. Brembo will start a new project soon and Hond has several choppers undergoing changes.