We’re going back in time again with a comic made by Hal Robinson. Red Rider could be found in the earlier editions of Easyriders magazine made by Paisano Publications Inc. in California USA.

The comic below was published in Easyriders magazine number 7, from June 1972 [Volume II, No. 3]

I dig these kind of drawings

Clubhouse Rabalder MC

Last Friday the clubhouse from Rabalder MC burnt down to the ground. As no other we know but all to well what they are going through right now.

Last June they celebrated their 25th anniversary and five months later they have to endure one of the worst nightmares a club can overcome.

The three photos above were made while were in Norway last June to celebrate their 25th anniversary together with Rabalder. If you compare them with the pictures below you all know what a great loss this must be.

Damn…… We wish you all a lot of strenght and resilience.

old Tech-Tip II

Yesterday I told about cheap oil-coolers and very cheap oil-filters. Below some photos of my Shovelhead-project back in da days… I bought my Harley in 1982. It was a Electra-Glide and I wanted to change it into a chopper. No suprise there of course.

On the photo above the frame with gear-box.In the left front the engine.

The second photo shows the parts scatered all over the garage floor.

The engine and cylinders into place. In the right lower corner the very cheap oil-cooler. These filters were also very cheap, because the fitting was used in many different Mini Coopers and other models.