A few weeks ago I wrote about the gifts we received during our 40th Anniversary. In my article ‘More pics of our 40th Anniversary – X’ I wrote that some gifts raises questions. One of them was a gift given by our English friends. It was a street sign with screws included.

It looked genuine and I said to Wicky; “If you ask me I would say it’s the real thing.” Wicky looked at it more closely and concluded the same. It was taken from who knows where. It might have been a ‘replica’, but this one isn’t. We both agreed on that.

So, I’ve done some research on the internet. I searched for the street-name ‘Rogues lane’ in England. Four names popped up. Two with ‘Rogue’s lane’ and two with ‘Rogues lane’. I made new screen-shots of the ‘winner’. As it turns out, the third screenshot was the ‘correct’ location.

The crossing at Ashley Road and Rogues Lane.

The turn-of at Stoke Road and Rogues Lane.

You see, my best friend Beer was on vacation recently to England and Spain. Somehow he miraculous stumbled in to either Boris Johnson or Nigel Farrage. One of them told Beer that the street-sign in the bushes was the right one. He also told that they both had been arguing about that lane for quit some time now. They both wanted to have ‘full control’ over that lane again without European interference about having a street-sign on both end of that lane or not.

So they even had organised a referendum and the majority, 50,0000000001% against 49,9999999999%, voted for ‘full control’.

Boris wants ‘full-control’ with or without that street-sign, while on the other hand Nigel wants to have that street-sign back into place. On which side is still negotiable with Europe.

Anyway, the ‘common’ people is getting sick of this nonsense and in the meanwhile took their own measurements. At the 40th anniversary the Rogues MC, the representatives of Europe, was given back the ‘street-sign’ even with screws by some ‘Angry English’ representatives as a ‘token of friendship’ during these last 40 years.

There you have it; Brexit in a nutshell!


Last week I wrote about Easyriders Magazine highlighting this subject in their issues. The second time they did this was exactly two years later in Easyriders number 64, from October 1978. The first time was printed in grey-scales, but this time in full-colour, which makes a big difference.

Coverphoto from Carol and Sheryl by Ralph Hampton

These cards care also more then forty years back and when you look at the names, I’m almost certain not all of these clubs still exist.

Harley adverts 1981 – II

Yesterday I wrote about a advert from March 1981. Harley Davidson wanted to promote their 1980 models and placed advertisements in several different magazines, such as Iron Horse and Easyriders. Easyriders no. 82, 82 and 83 each started with ‘the Eagle’, stating that American made was better. However, many parts were made in Japan and hard-core ‘American made is best’ fans complained about the fact that these Japanese parts shouldn’t be on a genuine American made Harley. I’m inclined to say they had a point. But many products have parts from all over the world nowadays and forty years back it wasn’t much different then today.

But at the Harley factory’s they saw what chopper builders did to their bikes and that made them realize that there was a ‘market’ for them to take a piece of that cake to. Their Wide Glides, Low Riders and Fat Bobs were the ‘New Kids’ on the block. And yes, factory wise, they were good looking and considered a good improvement.

You can judge for yourself by looking at these models from nearly forty years back.

Seen in Easyriders magazine no. 81 and 82.

Seen in Easyriders magazine no. 81, from March 1981.

Seen in Easyriders magazine no. 81, from March 1981.

Seen in Easyriders magazine no. 82, from April 1981.

Seen in Easyriders magazine no. 83, from May 1981.

Both seen in Easyriders magazine no. 83, from May 1981.

Harley advert 1981

Almost forty years ago, when Donald T. was also a lot younger, Harley Davidson (AMF) placed this advert in Easyriders Magazine number 81, from March 1981 and some later issues.

If you didn’t know any better, you could picture Donald T. working in the advertise business and convincing AMF Staff that this is/was the best way targeting the Asian influence on the American market.

America First policy in a early stage!