RMC Memorial Day 2022

Yesterday was as each year a rather sad day. That’s when we, more then other days, take the time to remember our lost brothers. Again a ‘new’ name was added to the memorial lane at our clubgrounds.

March this year Francis sadly passed away and yesterday his name was also placed on our ‘memorial lane’ monument. As you all will understand is that these sort of days brings back a lot of memories and therefor a lot of emotions as well. No matter how tough one may be, I can asure you that on moments like these, most of us, if not all of us, get cold shivers.

Roadtrip France – May 2022- II


Parking the bikes in the garden at Rogues PMA Member Kirk his place. Judas and Buddha on the right.

PMA member Kirk from chapter Almere on the right side of the ‘gang’ and PMA member Judas from Almere next to him, PMA member Lurch from chapter Opmeer on the third of the right side and then Dreads, also a PMA member from chapter Almere.

From left to right Kirk, John, Fred and Dreads – also a PMA member.

This stuff gets you going… sort of… Well, now I think of it, I’m not so sure anymore….

Photos made by Ron D.

Roadtrip France – May 2022

Last May several members of chapter Almere went on a ‘road trip’ to France, where they visited several PMA members who have settled there over the past few years.

Time to hit the road.
Dreads and Fred
Choppers left, baggers right…

Lots of fun of course, no engine problems, no saddle pain because the ride was just too short for that, so to speak.
Rogues PMA member Lurch was also visited.


Here we see Buddha trying to explain to the bystanders how big the fish he had just caught was. Dream On…

Photos made by Ron D.