X-Mas Greetings send to us – II

The Spiders and we go way back since we first met. That was in 1987 during the ‘Superrally Slagharen’ in Holland. So, for those of you who have problems with counting, that’s almost 33 years now and counting…

Anayway, we know our friends from Rabalder slightly shorter, but our friendship is as it should be, warm and always feeling welcome. Last year they’ve lost, just as we did in 2015, their ‘old’ clubhouse due to fire.

In Holland we say ‘gedeelde smart is halve smart’ and translated ‘shared sorrow is halve sorrow’.

For now to you all; all the best for the coming ‘motorbiking season’


X-MAS Greetings send to us

It’s always nice to receive X-Mas greetings from al corners of the earth…

These are the first and yes, may next year be a bit less under the influence of covid-19. Here in Holland more and more people are getting infected at the moment, so be carefull please. We, Rogues MC Opmeer and Almere, wouldn’t wanna miss any of our friends due to covid or any other infection for that matter.

Superrally 1989

I thought I’d seen ‘m all. But this picture came as a surprise. Brembo mailed me this photo a few days ago. Anyway, in 1989 I was still lying in the rehabilitation center ‘Heliomare’.

This oldie was made in Stratford apon Avon during the Harley Superrally 1989 in Great Britain. From left to right we see Schweik, Toon, Beer, Platje, Latka [sitting on the ground], Brembo, Fonda & Hond.