ChopperheadZ 5th Anniversary

Yesterday ChopperheadZ MC Putten celebrated their 5th anniversary. A good opportunity to party together with other invited visitors and with all the members of ChopperheadZ and of course to celebrate them.

Fortunately, the weather was very much in everyone’s favor. For months we have had lousy weather as far as the sun is concerned, but since last week the temperatures are approaching 20 degrees Celsius, in other words, your ‘balls’ shrink less…But that aside.
We had a great time and wish them all the best in achieving the next lustrum.

Wicky, our president, leaving the party.

Some of us stayed longer of course….

Photo’s made by Ger

Unicycle Race Opmeer – III

Last Saterday we hosted the Unicycle race and as if it should have been so ‘our’ Bowie from chapter Almere won the race.
The weather was just perfect and the atmosphere was phenomenal. Many made the effort to cheer on their teams and make it a fun day. The refreshments and various snacks completed the picture. RMC Almere provided the catering in our clubhouse and yes, that was a lot of work. But yes, all for a good cause, we should say.

The preperations begin while Fat Fred is ‘overseeing’ it all.

Bowie busy preparing the track.

Bowie’s unicycle where he won this race with.

Yank arriving at the scene.

The catering…

Also part of the catering, Stud and Junoir, aka as father and son.

The crowd enjoying the day….

One of the many heats during the day.

A great day and finall evening it was, cheerrrssssss

Photo’s made by Ron

The Landlord of the ‘WIP’ making a spacer

Here we see Co busy making a spacer for Beer. Co is very talented with working with lathes and drilling colomns. He has them at home.

He calls himself ‘The Landlord of the WIP’. A ‘Wip’ is a bascule bridge and mostly very old. In front of his old house is such a bridge. Anyway, his house is put for sale, so when sold he loses his self-appropriated title.

It is what it is Co, there’s nothing you can do about it…

A wip means something else to in Holland, but I don’t think that this has anything to do with building or riding choppers…