More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VIII

The Veterans MC – West Crew – Holland used our ‘invitation poster’ to transfer that on a metal plate and placed it in a wooden frame. Their gift was presented to Wicky. These guys served our country in one way or another over the years and some of them still do, remember that.

PB – Leeuwarden – Friesland, since 1971, and Hollands oldest biker club was present to at our party. We met them for the first time in August 1981, when they held a party in and at their clubhouse in Leeuwarden. A 17th century cheese-warehouse at the Hoveniersstaat 3-5. I think that they demolished that old building in 1989 or 1990.

Anyway, I’ll think, but I’m not sure, looking at the years, it could have been their 10th anniversary. I remember it was a great party with a huge explosion in the night. A old auto-car was set on fire and they were throwing car tyres and other stuff in the fire that was getting bigger and bigger with the minutes.

After half ‘n hour or so they started throwing hair-spray and deodorant bottles in the car. The explosions echoed against the wall and the high side wall of the clubhouse. Then, al of a sudden, there was this ‘poor sod’, finding himself real tough, who came up with the idea that if you wanted a real loud bang you needed a bigger gas bottle. So, not long after, he came back with rather big a blue propane-gas tank. We all thought he was joking and shouted not to do such a stupid thing. He must have been either extremely drunk or stoned or even worse, both, but it didn’t take long before he threw the propane-tank in the burning car in the huge fire.

Everybody who was still less then half drunk and/or stoned, started running away from the fire. There was this long old wall you had had to pass and behind it was the cheese warehouse – PB’s clubhouse – as well. I didn’t take long before the tank exploded. While everybody still was running away burning car tires and other burning shit started dropping around us. I was rather surprised nobody got injured. Their clubhouse and the wall were shaking like hell because of the air pressure / displacement. The auto-car was totally ripped apart. Every time I think of PB, this is the first thing that pops up in my mind. What the second thing is I shall tell you in a later story.

MC PB used a piston to make a head from it and placed a hammer between its teeth. A damn good dentist.

The Plabs Choppers MC from France also brought along a gift. Cyril, aka Francis Vega, one of their members, won the ‘Slow-race trophy’ at our party.

Another young club is Unnoted – Andijk – Holland. They are also ‘West-Friezen’ like us. Whether that’s okay, I don’t know, but you can all decide for yourself. They gave us a t-shirt in a frame.

More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VII

Other friends of us, the Red Hill Choppers from Germany came also with a rather ‘unique’ gift. As I stated yesterday; an axe is a metaphor for chopping of parts from your bikes. Anyway, a quicker and swift way to this is with the help a guillotine. It’s a more ‘rigorous’ and most definitive way to chop of ‘heads’ aka the front ends of bikes. They made a diorama of such an ‘event’ where even Napoleon could have been proud of. He might even have considered to ask for a patent for this most effective clean ‘chopper’ of all times if he would have known current bikers uses these sort of equipment to chop their choppers.
On the other hand, maybe the 47 Ronin – Samurai warriors – would have differ about which chops faster, their samurai swords or the guillotine, but I’m no expert in these matters.

Well, a picture says more than the words written above.

On the photo we see Wicky, Harry and Jörge from the Red Hill Choppers.

Our good friend Raven Rick from the Ravens MC – Oakland – USA also had an appropriate gift. An old Harley part. Older than our club for sure. This will also find a nice spot on our walls.

The same goes for the present from the Hawgz – Malmö – Sweden.

The Demons MC – Holland had a slightly different gift. Their present is made like a sign board and therefor sticks out of the wall if you place in the correct way, as seen on the photo below.

The Rolling Wheels MC – Berlin and Rolling Wheels MC – Strausberg – Germany, both brought along a present. Representatives of both chapters together with Brembo and our president Wicky.

Rolling Wheels – North came with this carb. and handlebar, also a very nice original gift.

From the Black Guards also a self made gift, as well as from the Gods Squad CMC – Lowlands, their present was made by Fred B.

More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VI

Today again a short story. This time about the Spiders MC – Delft – Holland. We met them for the first time in 1987 at the Superrally in Slagharen, Holland. It was their first year as a club and they were eager to learn the tricks of the rope. We had lot’s of fun with them and from that first moment it somehow ‘clicked’. We invited them for our 8th anniversary that year in September. Our first Rogues party on ‘own’ grounds. They have been coming ever since and visa versa. Great club to. Besides PB, CCN, NCC and some Swedish clubs one of the few clubs we know that many years. Their gift is made from different types of metal, of course in the shape of a spiders web.

Then there was the gift of our own chapter in Almere.You can see the axe on the right side. That’s a reference to our choppers. We chop things of from our bikes, and what better way to do that with an ‘symbolic’ axe. Our good friends from Norway, Chopper Freaks MC and Rabalder MC used the same metaphor, but also as a reminder of their Viking ancestors. Both clubs came with many membersand both clubs are good friends of us. No so long ago our guys visit both clubs while we were in Norway to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rabalder MC – Tunsberg.

Brembo, Fonda, Stud, Wicky, Snikkel and Molly looking at the present.

Brembo, Stud, Wicky, Snikkel, Junior, Molly and Ger.

Christopher, Alte and Rune from the Chopper Freaks MC with Wicky.

As you can see there’s a lot of diffence between the axes. They come in all kind of shapes and sizes. And that makes them all special to have. The axe of the Chopper Freaks even have a sharp point on the top-side of the axe. Probably to crush the ‘poor victims’ their skulls many centuries ago.

More pics of our 40th Anniversary – VI

Another kind of gifts is booze. In all sorts, shapes, sizes and alcohol levels as well. I have shown already several of them. Unfortunately I don’t know all of the persons who gave a liqueur bottle, but luckily some of them changed the labels with there names on it. Please let me know if your name is not there or incorrect. As I stated earlier, we were not present at all the ‘transactions’ when they took place to make a photo of it.

This bottle in a box was given by the ChopperheadZ – Nijverdal – Holland.

This bottle with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 was given by the Shadows – Germany. They started their club in 1976. 43 years that izzzz.

This bottle with Bacardi Rum was given by Renate Voorham.

A bottle of Johnnie Walker Whisky given by Niek Clarijs – Zeeland.

Another bottle of Jack Daniel’sgiven by the HD Brothers – Himmerland – Geremany, aka the Full Throttle Squad.

This bottle was given by the Brotherhood MC.

Below four bottles of whom I don’t know who gave them.

More pics of our 40th Anniversary – V

On Saturday I showed a photo of a rather big present given by Black Sheep MC – Netherlands. We know these guys for many years now. We met them for the first time in the late eighties in Sweden. They had only one chapter at the time and that was situated in Heereveen – Friesland. After our first meeting in Sweden they have been our friends ever since. They come to us on many occasions and visa versa. They are the ‘Friezen’ and we are the ‘West-Friezen’. There is always a bit of a competition which side of the IJssellake is the better part of Holland. And yes, either we or they need to bring there passport or other ID to cross the Afsluitdike. Well, you’ll get the picture. LOL

While they were busy assembling the old piano, which was converted to a liqueur / booze cupboard, the question popped up if there was enough room in our clubhouse for there gift. Pikeboer said that this was our problem and not theirs. Everybody laughing of course. But we make damn sure to make a perfect spot for it.

Below some photos of the piano when they were taking it out of the van and putting it together. Also again some pictures of other gifts. Because we received that many gifts, Dionne and I couldn’t be there all the time to make a photo, while they were presented to Wicky, Brembo or Beer. Some of the pictures were send by mail.

More pics of our 40th Anniversary – V

The Belgian connection presented us a painting made by El Cheapo himself. He has been on several of our choppershows showing his skills live. On photo Remy, Michel, Wicky and El Cheapo.

Samuel from the Aliens MC – Helsinki & Vantaa – Finland and Wicky. Samuel also won the longest distance trophy this year.

The Daggers MC – Sea-lands – Holland with Wicky holding a Harley tank-half painted by Snake Designs. We see Hunt, Wicky, Snake and Rip.

Gift from Erik and Lindy, aka Caner Valve Crew – Puttershoek.

Gift from the Bold Headed Bastards.

More pics of our 40th Anniversary – IV

Another gift we received was from the Outsiders MC – Portland – Oregon, also from out of the States. Their present came with a different story. In 1990, when Beer and Schweik went to Sturgis in South-Dakota for its 50th anniversary, they layed many contacts. Among those contacts were the Outsiders.

Anyway, to commemorate this event from 29 years back, the Outsiders came up with the idea to give us a pair of boots which were only available at Sturgis during the 50th anniversary of that event. These are actually collector items. Also with these boots came a picture in a frame of two Dutch wooden shoes. A gift from us to them from way back.

And for those of you who can count/read; we know each other 29 years by now. At this moment the 79th anniversary at Sturgis is taking place. From 2 till the 11th of August. There will be thousands and thousands of people during those days at Sturgis. Our party feels like child-play compared to that of Sturgis, but that’s beside the point.

Their gift symbolises our long friendship together and that is what makes this gift as well as many others worth receiving. Bear from the Outsiders MC, who came over to Holland with his girlfriend Stacey, presented us this nice gift. We lend them and others who came over from America a Harley, so that they could go on a tour in Holland and abroad.

Jack Brakeboer, from café ‘t ‘Zwarte Woifke’, gave us the stage-units you see behind Bear and Wicky as a present for our 40th anniversary.

Wicky and Nisse Shovelhead banger, the well known biker magazine artist, made this illustration for Bow from the Scrapers, who gave it to us as a present.

Bear and Stacey riding to Beer’s place on the borrowed Harley from Sloper. The day after they went to Luxembourg on Sloper’s bike.