Harley-Davidson Boxer engines.

Many of you will be aware that Harley Davidson also produced boxer motorcycles during the 2nd world war. They were quite similar to the BMW R71 on which they were based. The US military had ordered 1000 as a ‘trial’ model. The 1942 Harley-Davidson XA (Experimental Army).

The Liberator aka Harley-Davidson WLA proved sufficient for the army and the Jeep was used for the heavier work. So it stayed with those 1000 pieces.

But what some of you may not know is that many years before that, Harley-Davidson also experimented with boxer motorcycles in the 10’s and 20’s of the last century. Only then were the cylinders, as it were, one behind the other instead of left and right next to each other. The Harley-Davidson W Sport-twin.

Above two drawings of the ‘further development’ of this model and below two photos of the W-Model from 1919.

Movieclip Tuesday – Schweik and his dragracer

Nowadays everyone makes videos and/or photos with their cell phone. More than twenty years ago it was very different. Around 2005 digital photography started to break through and again 10 years later with the help of your mobile phone. For that you needed serious equipment to register everything.

The quality of then does not match the technology that we now have at our disposal. Anyway, I was always busy with these kinds of technical gadgets and still by the way. Today a bit of film from Schweik [R.I.P.] and one of his drag racers back in August 1995, during our 16th anniversary.

Superrally Paris 1985 – III

Yesterday I wrote that we visited several terraces in Paris. There was also a lot going on on the Superrally site itself. These include setting fire to rice-burners, strip acts and organizing breakfast, just to name a few.

photo made by my younger brother Blut
photo made by my younger brother Blut

But what also struck me at the time were the ladies who were also present in large numbers. Close to where we had pitched our tents, the day after we arrived, a van from England came with a young lady whose, how shall I put it, amazing appearance, when you see her in front of you, makes your heart beat faster. Her long curly hair, natural smile.., well you get the picture! Ha, I’m wondering of again.

My Harley in front of their van.

And because I already took a lot of photos, it was a little difficult for me to also capture her on the sensitive plate and start a conversation with her. Unfortunately I no longer remember her name and where she came from. Maybe one of you can answer this for me. Please even. Coming week more about this particular weekend 37 years ago.

Superrally Paris 1985

Around this time in 1985 we were in Paris on the Superrally. It was, how shall I put it, mind-blowing. Then the brand new ‘Blockheads’ were the talk of the day. Also the Sporster ‘Café racer’ with two carburetors were hot. Anyway, Beer and I went to the Eiffel-tower to see what it was all about. For many years I had this vision that this tower reaches the sky.

Then, on the 26th of may in 1985, we stood there and both looked up to see the top of the Eiffel tower. The first thing what came to my mind was;’Huh, is this all.? What a bummer!’ But then again, we both saw it with our own eyes. One thing less on our huge bucket list.