My best friend Beer makes these, over two hunderd pages, hardcover chopper lifestyle books. Last month you could already pre-order them, but since April 4th they are available. They’re collectors items. And during this ‘semi-lockdow’ a little relaxation now and then is in order. With Beer’s book you’re in the right company.

For those who don’t know it yet, he makes this book, once each year, with his daughter and many volunteers. If you like to order it go to

Also take a look in our webshop, we’ve lots of goodies and some of our shirts ar on sale now.


Our member Lurch has taken his old bike to Small Town Customs in Ermelo to have them totally re-do his engine because they are the best.

In the meantime the chop is being re-styled. Big spoke wheels, 23(!) inch wheel in the front, Tolle frontend, the entire bike is also lowered a bit for better looks.

Will show more here when it is completely finished. Rogues ride hard and our chops are built for that purpose. Good handling long distance machines that still work well in crowded city traffic too.


Today an old article from June 1978. This was published in Easyriders magazine and ‘Renegade’ wrote about this nice Harley.

When I started buying Eayriders I already favoured Harley’s above other brands. Choppers in particular. Then, in June 1978, I stumbled on this article. I fell in love with this type of style/bike. It ticked all the boxes. The frame, front-fork, handle-bars, brakes, rake, tank, still a bit race-like appereance, you’ll name it.

One small problem, I wasn’t 18 yet, no drivers licence either and above all, not enough money to buy a bike that could even come close like the one in this article. There you have it. I was hooked. Damn. So, the only thing left to do at that moment was to dream about it and trying to figure out how to get something like that…. A HARLEY……

Yehhhh, hmm, in my dreams mayby, but reality is an other thing. Nevertheless, here’s the bike I’m writing about.


Bouncer is, like many of you, still working during this Corona ‘lock-down’ period. And yes, what better way to get there, it’s nicer by bike with this type of wheather then by car.

However, as he stated, it’s nearly the ‘end of the world’ where he’s working. So staying overnight is part of the ‘deal’. The ‘Eemshaven’ is way up north in the ‘corner’ of Groningen. Anyway, he’s busy and not wondering in or over the streets thinking what to do with his time.

New hobby [or not]

Okay, as I said earlier, the Corona-virus meshes up a lot of things. And if your bike is in tip-top condition by now and you’re fed up by polishing it four the seventh time… And there’s no girl/bitch/bimbo [depends on the taste] in the neighbourhood and you’re done jerkin’ its about time to think about a time-consuming hobby.

No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this is a problem solver, but at least you’ve got something else on your mind if you have a ‘second’ hobby besides riding your bike or chasing nice looking girls, or if you are a girl, an handsome looking guy like myself [ahem..].

Anyway, in November 1983 Easyriders magazine had a topic about this subject. A prefesser Prune’ wrote a article about rare and well known motorcycles printed on stamps. Who knows, maybe this is a new way of lowering your stress level[s].



Seen in Easyriders Magazine number 116 from February 1983. Photo by Frank.

I had a simular brake system on my Harley and in 1982 it failed working when we were on holliday in Sweden with thre three of us. I nearly run into a huge truck [road-train]. Anyway, my boots somehow appeared to be my back-up system and used as a secondary brak-system. Well, now I had no rear break and worn off leather boots as well. F***

And yes, the damn nipple failed on me as well, so this tip should have been usefull a year earlier. But in 1983 I already had a Brembo brake-system installed on my rear-wheel.