RMC Choppershow History – III

Years ago, in 1996, we held our Choppershow in ‘De Dars’ in Wervershoof. Because it was, for Dutch standards, not in the neighbourhood, we always had to carry material to the sports centre. We had to protect the floor with big rolls of plastic and each year we ha to buy new rolls. That’s one of the reasons why we bought a trailor to move all the material back and forth. This centre had the most space for organising our Choppershows. Below photos of our 5th show.

On the photo above my Shovelhead ‘Swingarm‘, the theme of this years show and below a photo of Willem van Vliet busy airbrushing a fueltank for our clubhouse.

Junior and me back in April 1996.

RMC Choppershow History – II

On April 16th of 2017 we held our 26th RMC Choppershow in ‘De Weijver’. And the weather was perfect that year. That’s one of the things we can not control.

This year, when we present our 30th RMC Choppershow we hope the wheater Gods will grant us the favour and present us with nice weather again. The theme this year will be ‘Swingarms’. No further explanation needed. We hope to meet you all again on the 31st of this month in ‘De Weijver’.

Below some pictures made in 2017.

”Making mistakes”

Dear blog readers; do you know that feeling when you make such a stupid mistake without realizing it? Then it simmers for three days until someone, in this case Beer, points out this stupidity. Anyway, I have now corrected it and added a few things.
This concerned the posts ‘Swingarms I, II and III.’ The blog followers who watch every day now know what I mean. Of course I know the difference between a Springer fork and a Swingarm, but that doesn’t mean I’m flawless. Somehow I switched those two in my mind. Sorry about that…