Clubhouse Opmeer

Some good news to tell you all…..

Last Saturday again a lot of stuff was carried over to our new clubhouse. And now I can tell you all that our temporary clubhouse has lost his purpose. It will, for the time being, serve as a temporary storage facility. There are still a lot things to be carried over coming Saturday, but all the ‘main’ stuff is now placed in our new clubhouse.

So, during Christmas we can say that our Christmas diner will be our first party/diner in our new location. Awesome!!!!!!
Of course we still need to do a lot of things, but the idea that from now on this will be our final spot in a brand new and larger clubhouse makes us all fill with great joy and that’s not even close to what we really feel!!

For me, as one of the founders and the architect of the former and our new clubhouse, it’s a relief that after years of misery and stress the finish is in sight. Damn, we made it.

And I can’t say it enough……. Thank you all for your support!!!!!!!!!!

The old temporary clubhouse nearly empty.