Sophia Hogs Party 1983

In 1983 three of us, Beer, Outlaw and me (Brass), went to Sweden for the first time.  After taking the ferry from Denmark, we arrived in Gothenburg (Sweden). There we met Mothers Freak MC. A few days later we arrived in Norrköping where we met Peking Outlaws MC. Then a week later we were in Uppsala and met Gjutjärn MC for the first time. On Thursday the 4th of August, late in the afternoon, we went from Uppsala to Stockholm where we arrived at the Sophia Hogs Party.

It was their 15th anniversary that year. We put up our camp next to the medium sized army tent of Gjutjärn MC. It was a huge party. We saw lot’s of ‘neat’ choppers there and that’s an understatement. We had a great weekend there. Awesome! I bought a Party t-shirt there, which hung for many years in our clubhouse. We’ve lost that peace of history when our clubhouse was set on fire on February 13th 2015!