Yesterday was a special day for all of us. As you all know recently Haagse Fred passed away and not long before Fred, last year we had to say goodbye to Big Jos. Over the years it’s always a big blow if someone you know passes away! Especially when it’s one of your ‘brothers’.

Over the last thirty-nine years five of our beloved members died way to soon. My younger brother Blut, 21 years of age, died already in 1988. Schweik in 2002 and Manny in 2004. Big Jos in 2017 and this year Haagse Fred.

Yesterday Haagse Fred his name engraved on a copper plate was placed on our ‘Road to eternity’. This is our memorial stand at our club terrain to show respect to our beloved ones.

Each time we come back to our clubhouse and ride trough the gate we ride towards the ‘Road to eternity’. As a reminder that, eventually, we al meet again!!