New clubhouse: Roof finished!

On photo, our new clubhouse looking good in the autumn sun.



For those who do not know, our former clubhouse burned down. We are now using a temporary building at the same location. In the mean time we are building our NEW HOME. Thanx to a group of members and the preperations by our great building leader Jesus, we laid the roof on in just one day! PROUD!

It will take at least a year or more to finish the place and we are running out of money…well, we just have to make some at our show at Easter (Yes, we will do our RMC PAAS-SHOW again , we need the cash…)with our other parties and with selling our clothing and other goodies. Go to our online shop to check what we sell. This particular clubhouse will be not only good for us, it will be good for all our friends too. Everybody will be able to enjoy it!

New blog, search: Schweik
















Man, you gotta love this new blog. The SEARCH possibility is just da bomb! You can type in any name or anything and it will show the posts once published on this blog with that what your searching in it. We typed in: Schweik and got six pages with photos of our highly respected member who died a long time ago.

Still trying to figure out how to get these photos a bit bigger though…













Sometimes you just need to clear your mind and go on the road by yourself. That is exactly what Chopperkingz member Marco is doing. He flew to the States, visited his friends of the Deathtraps, was able to borrow this cool Shovelhead and now he is traveling somewhere in the States. If you do happen to see him, buy the man a drink, he deserves it!