Breaking the Week and spot the ‘R’

As I mentioned last week, today’s the 100th ‘small puzzle’ to spot the Rogues Brotherhood ‘R’ which also can be purchased in our webshop.

This time the picture-puzzle a bit lager in pixel-size, just for the fun of it and because its the hundredth time we’re of the streets for several minutes.

While editing this picture above I couldn’t stop thinking about a Dutch song which children sing during Sint Nicolaas time in Holland and some former colonies. It starts with; ”Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht” and ‘knecht’ is in this particular case not the ‘rainbow or black Piet’ where gradually half the world is whining about. Bare that in mind.

For those of you who understand the Dutch language no futher explanation is needed. End for those of you who don’t… here’s a tip; use your imagination… Succes again with spotting the ‘R’. Till next time

Visitors in da house

Last week several guests arrived at our clubhouse. Among them members from Death MF and Deathtraps MC.

From left to right we see Luke, Victor, Hank, Mark, Buddy, Beer, Olly,Bob, Wicky, Snickle and M&M.

And as befits a good host, we don’t leave our guests to fend for themselves. Last Saturday we had a tourist tour on the program including the world famous windmills that provide our country with dry feet for many centuries. Even now they help. Especially during extreme rainfall. Of course there is much more to see, but as with any road trip; you have to make choices.

Making ready to hit the road

Wicky, our President, standing on the porch and overseeing the guests preparing for a scenic tour.

Typically Dutch; ‘windmills’.

M&M from the States standing in front of Dutch pride, a windmill for pumping away water.

Back at the clubhouse later in the day time for some beer or whatever. Yank, in the middle, showing how it’s done…

Easyriders 1976- FuBaR advert

This advert by FuBaR, Anaheim, California can be seen in Easyriders Magazine number 41 from November 1976. It’s a rather ambiguous advertisement, but that didn’t spoil the fun at the time.

I would like it to be seen more like the above than what is being forced on us these days after a dozen committees first consider what is shown and believe that it is unacceptable because of misogyny or that it does not meet gender neutrality.
I understand that there should be a certain restraint, but nowadays almost everything is pushed to the limit and that, in my opinion, is not good for anyone.

ChopperheadZ 5th Anniversary

Yesterday ChopperheadZ MC Putten celebrated their 5th anniversary. A good opportunity to party together with other invited visitors and with all the members of ChopperheadZ and of course to celebrate them.

Fortunately, the weather was very much in everyone’s favor. For months we have had lousy weather as far as the sun is concerned, but since last week the temperatures are approaching 20 degrees Celsius, in other words, your ‘balls’ shrink less…But that aside.
We had a great time and wish them all the best in achieving the next lustrum.

Wicky, our president, leaving the party.

Some of us stayed longer of course….

Photo’s made by Ger