Rogues MC 40 years – History part XIV

Today I shall write about our 22th anniversary in 2001. The new millennium was well on it’s way and we had new members and prospects. We had four prospects. Wicky, our president, was one of them. The others were Limp, Pult and Timo. Of course there are also members who left our club over the years and some others, sadly, passed away. I’m not in the habit to put ‘R.I.P.’ behind each member ore friend who’s no longer among us, just because I find it a bit disturbing or in other words to much confrontational to see it that many in these articles about the past 40 years.

I’ll hope you’ll all agree with me on this subject.

Those years were also the beginning of uni-cycle races in Holland. It’s a nice and competitive way among clubs to invite one another. These bikes have made some progress over the years as well. Prospect Bowie from Almere is doing rather well and won the last race. Last year he won the Dutch Championship.

Two days ago I wrote in History part 13 about our prospectclub MC Nice. In 2001 that was already history, so, on our invitation poster we decided to change the layout again and placed our club-color on both sides of the poster. In this way we let all our friends know that a France Rogues chapter in Nice was finished. That poster was send to the Cossacks MC in Dixon and send back from the States stating the forwarded order was expired. That’s also the reason why we have this poster still in our possession. I had it in my private collection, so this one survived the fire from March 2015.

We also made a new full colour club t-shirt stating our 22th anniversary. When we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 1999 we already had used that design. But we all loved that print, so we used it a second time. Also a strip-act, live bands and silly games on Sunday.

Rogues MC 40 years – History part XIV

Photos from our 22th anniversary in 2001.

Platje on his bike at the gate, while the others work their butt off carrying beer barrels inside the clubhouse.

Pult hidden between the bikes and Stoker in the trailer.

Beer, prospect Wicky and Schweik at the gate.

Wicky, Nol and Derk testing the club uni-cycle.

Nol and Wicky finding their balance.

Sportster Monday – Overt Operative

Pro shops had build this chopper for a US Army sniper, named Kris March. Pat Patterson at LedSled Customs created this fast-as-hell chop job. It had to be hardcharging and aggressive on the street and therefor this Sportster-powered custom iron was made from a ’98 Buell Thunderbolt 1200. A bit of spiced power is always welcome on the road is my opinion. Not for the fainthearted that is. Anyway, lets just say I like this bike.

Photos: Josh Kurpius

Rogues MC 40 years – History part XIII

Okay, we’ve reached the news millennium and all the ‘doom-scenarios’ such as the end of the planet earth, millennium-bug were less catastrophic then anticipated. The new clubhouse preformed outstandingly well and our workshop was a big hit. Only the kitchen turned out to be rather small.

Our PMA Nacks had many contacts in France and one of them was with MC Nice. They were at our party the year before and we had been at there clubhouse on several occasions as well. There was a good connection with them and us. So, somewhere down the line both clubs came to the same conclusion and the outcome was that we decided to start a chapter in Nice, in the south of France with it’s awesome surroundings and nice climate.

So, on our invitation poster we decided to announce that decision to let all our friends know that in the near future there would be a France Rogues chapter in Nice. But due to several external reasons in witch we didn’t have any control over, this became our personal ‘millennium-bug’.

One of the conclusions to be made out of this debacle was that we would never start a chapter abroad out of convenience again. Sometimes things just takes a certain direction which lead to something we both didn’t want.

From 2000, our 21st anniversary, we had live-bands and a strip-act again. Probably I didn’t make any photos during that party. I only have a few pictures from El. Photos from that party would therefor be very welcome.

Old T-Shirts

A few days ago I received a e-mail from a member, Bas, from Lost Ones MC – Zierikzee. He saw a photo of our old wooden clubhouse, demolished in November of 1998. Inside that clubhouse were several t-shirts from various clubs hanging on the walls, among those the t-shirt of Lost Ones MC.

On that photo you could see a t-shirt of Mothers Freak MC from Götenburg – Sweden, Custom Cycle from Uppsala – Sweden, Sundbäckens MC from Högfors – Sweden, one of our own club shirts, a shirt of Lost Ones MC from Zierikzee – Holland and Big Fred on the couch taking a nap. All these and other shirts were lost when our clubhouse burnt down.

But here’s the thing, Bas also mentioned that their club will celebrate their 40th anniversary as well this year. Only two months later in October. So for those of you who fancy more parties to attend to, Zierikzee is the place to be in October. They reach the same milestone as we do this year and we both came from a long way. Of course there are more ‘old’ clubs in Holland and let me tell you; ‘it’s rather difficult to maintain any club for that many years’. Younger members often have different views, but in the end they all must go in the same direction.

I’ve placed the same photo again and two other from two months later in October. We already had taken away most of the stuff out of our old clubhouse. It was also our last members only – meeting on Friday evening October 30th 1998. We also made a group-photo that evening. A few weeks later our beloved first clubhouse was gone after 13 years of loyal service.

October 30th 1998.

Rogues MC 40 years – History part XII

At this point we’ve reached our 20th anniversary and thus we’re halfway of our existence. Lots of friends and (foreign) clubs attended at our party. Our new clubhouse had his ‘grand’ opening in January of that same year. Having a brand new clubhouse, build by ourselves, was already quite spectacular, but reaching our 20th anniversary was even a bigger party. We also arranged a banner, stating our 20th anniversary, to placed in a trailer from Simon Loos Transport BV. We also installed Stud’s extra long Swedish style chopper in the trailer

Our invitation was a full-colour A2 size poster with a photo from Ed riding on his Harley and all our guest received a party-patch to make it complete.

Stud was our president then and therefor the man to receive most of the gifts from various clubs and friends and place the gifts in the trailer for everyone to see. Lots of presents were brought along by our guests. What a spectacle…., so many gifts. Many of those and older gifts were lost during the blazing fire in March 2015.

Wakan Tanka MC from France also had arranged some special fireworks and Schweik thought it might be a good idea if we placed two ‘rice-burners’ aka ‘Jap Crap’ to be demolished by those who felt the need doing so. He had picked that up from his earlier visits to America, where he attended many parties. And there were a lot of them. Few felt the need in saving the bikes.

I held a short speech through the mike welcoming our guests and Torra also spoke some words. We had several bands and a strip-act with a shower-cabin on stage. Some of our American friends couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to crawl in the cabin as well. And yes, it was tempting for sure! Later in the evening/night the rain start poring out of the sky and the beach umbrellas came in handy. All and all a great party!

A boy giving his best efforts with a sledgehammer. A Wakan Tanka member watches his attemps.

Schweik also showed his affection towards Jap-Crap.

Satudarah member …. also in the mood for some action. Ger watching.

Meanwhile at the bar beer is distributed in large quantities.

Rogues MC 40 years – History part XII

Rob from Den Helder in coversation with Stud, our president in those days. He just received a Indian adornment. Sadly that this gift burnt in the fire of 2015.

Bo from Spiders MC Delft and Stud

Stud showing the present received from Spiders MC Delft. A Delft blue plate. This plate survived the fire.

Brass giving a speech to the audiance. Stud standing behind him.

The guests listening to Brass.

The band playing music next to all the gifts installed on the trailer.