Outsiders 50th anniversary

A bunch of our members are flying to the States this week to be able to celebrate the Outsiders’ 5oth anniversary. These men are the real thing. They started their club in the sixties and are still here, staying true to old traditional biker club values!

Motorcycles and brotherhood is what they are about! We are proud we can call them our friends!

They are the only club we know off where every(!) member wears a serapees mexican horseblanket as a vest. Yes, xxactly! Like in the movies! You gotta love it.

Roadtrip France, Pult and Snickle

Rogues members Pult and Snickle are doing this Roadtrip to France as well now. Pult is riding his FXR instead of his Speedchop and Snickle has chosen to ride his girl’s Sporty since his chopper still had some issues. They are riding all over France visiting and staying with friends everywhere. Until now the weather could have been better. Say hi when you see them and tell them where to find the sun.