Back on our Blog: ‘Breaking the week again’

Okay, for all those jerks among us, myself included of course, here’s a little puzzle again. Not that difficult though, you only have to spot the ‘R’.

In 2019 I had the same series of puzzles with nice women. Today number 24 in the these series.

Also a small compilation; number 1 till 12 to fresh up your memory. And if you don’t have anything else to do, when you have cleaned your bike for the seventh time this day for instance, or whatever other reason you can think of to dive deep in our club-blog for some more ‘spot the R puzzles’…… Dig up these old posts and try to solve them as well. And I can tell you; “time flies when you’re having fun”.

Stoker and Bruut

In 2014 our club celebrated their 35th anniversary. A huge blue/yellow striped tent was erected at our premisses and on the photo above Stoker, our former treasurer, and Bruut are busy using a jacking-machine to smash iron pins into the ground for holding the tent into his position.

The photo below they are busy setting up the tent and as usual the best helmsmen are of course watching and roaring how things could be ‘much better’ if they did it their way….

Sporty Monday

Ger the day before the 7th RMC Choppershow in ‘De Dars’ in Wervershoof on April, 11th 1998.

About being sportive…. Ger, our ‘former’ road-captain probably had the idea that being sportive apparently meant that you were a ‘Sportster’ and accordingly his bicycle as well. A non-combusting Sportster that is. Zero horsepower, zero rake, zero exhaust but with 25″ front and rear wheel. He still had to learn a lot I’ll suppose.

And what better way then to organize Choppershows to see the tricks of the trades. We still have more then four months to go for our 29th Choppershow and with a bit of luck the Corona contamination rate will be at an ‘acceptable’ level by then, so the show can go on.

For the time being all the lights are still ‘green’.

Single malt and blended Whisky’s

Well, where to start, Bob, Limp, Skull and I, Brass, don’t hesitate to try some of the more ‘odd’ Whisky’s etc from practically all over the world.
Peated ones, double barrels, quarter casks, IPA’s, project X whisky’s, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 years old and so on. Yeahhhhhh…. and even some blended type’s, like black, double black, green, blue and whatever colour you can imagine. You’ll name it.

A sample of some of my whisky’s in 2014

And sometimes you begin to think that you’ve tasted ‘enough’ to know the difference between most of them. And then, all of a sudden, a strange one pops up every now and then.

Anyway, weekend was knocking on the door yesterday and Corona shit keeps a lot of us more or less ‘inside’. So, tasting Whisky ain’t such a bad way to fill up your lost or wasted hours.

In my spare time I dig up old Easyriders magazines and scan them onto my computer and save these scans as a ‘sort of’ digital copy. That idea popped up when our former clubhouse burned down to the ground.
And while scanning Easyriders Magazine number 171, from September 1987, I stumbled over an old advert on page 29. I thought I’d seen them all, Whiskey’s that is, – as a matter of speaking of course. In those years I wasn’t that interested into Whiskey’s or Single malt Whisky’s and so on.
That’s why my eyes never got my attention for this above mentioned advert.

By the sound of it, it makes me wonder…. Did he create a Whiskey or a new kind of ‘fish-sauce’?
Anyway, see below what his creation was called in 1987. I don’t think it still exists, and if it does, I’d like to have a taste of it. Ha, ha, maybe I’ll start walking again after a few sips of his brew….. Who knows?

New York Donny (NYD) from Brother Speed and Tammy

In 2014 we celebrated our 35th Anniversary and lots of close friends came over to this event in Opmeer to party together with us. From all corners of the world they flew or rode over to our clubhouse.
Two of them, New York Donny from Brother Speed, Oregon, and Tammy, his girlfriend, stayed at my place.

Brass, Beer (co-founders Rougues MC) and N.Y. Donny from BSMC, Oregon, USA, August 1st 2014

I can tell you that we had a lot of fun. We suggested to do some sightseeing. And they where all into the ‘old stuff’ like the windmills, old buildings, dikes and so on. We have a small car with only two doors, so to get in the back of the car is a bit of a hassle. So, when my wife Dionne started the car to go to certain places with me also in the front of the car and NYD and Tammy in the back, New York Donny panicked. He started sweating and all and making non verbal noises. So we asked him what was going on ‘back there’. It turned out be that NYD was a bit of claustrophobic, especially in ‘small’ Dutch cars. And also the windows couldn’t be opened in the back of our car and before we knew it, he was standing outside again, next to our car to get his ‘act together’ again. And if this part existed at the Olympics, New York Donny would have broken all records.

We suggested that he should drive the car and that we should give him the directions where to go. NYD next to me in the front and last but not least, open front windows. But driving a car in Holland ain’t the same as driving in America he soon found out. Tight corners, small roads, different rules at the roundabouts and so on…

Now, I won’t go any further into detail, but I can assure you; ‘it took a while before he got the hang of it’. And for Tammy, Dionne and me….. Well, we enjoyed it all the same. All and all we had a great day with perfect weather. What more could we wish…?

Here some more pictures of N.Y.D. Tammy and me.

NYD doing his ‘thing’ on the Dutch beach
Tammy, Brass and NYD, August 3th 2014.
NYD and Tammy in front of a Dutch widmill.
New York Donny taking ‘a dump’ on a old ‘Ducth toilet’.
Tammy and NYD in front of the ‘Waegh building’ in the city of Alkmaar.
Tammy, Brass and NYD in front of the former very old City Hall of Alkmaar.
The same as above in close-up. All pictures made by Dionne.

29th RMC Choppershow on Easter Sunday in 2022

As it stands, the 29th RMC Choppershow will be held on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022 in sportcenter ‘De Weijver’ Opmeer.

Of course, Corana-restrictions can again throw a spanner in the works. But before it turns out to be a ‘no go’, we’ll let you all know, of course.

Registrations to have your beautiful or special chopper on display at our show go through the chopper connoisseur par excellence and also co-founder of RMC Opmeer: ‘Beer’

Please contact Beer via the link below: