Old Shoebox pictures

Blut and Schweik back in 1987

Back in 1987, in February, we went to a party in Uppsala in Sweden. Gjutjarn MC organised a big party in their new clubhouse. It was their 9th Anniversy. And a ‘big’ party it was.

While we were there, we also visited some old friends on our way to Uppsala. One of them, Thomas, lived in Norrkoping. We stayed overnight at his apartment. When we entered the room, his former girlfriend asked us in a more comepelling way to take of our shoes/boots. We looked at each other and started laughing. We asked her if she was sure about us taking of our shoes….

Yes, she insisted to do so. Well….., that we didn’t drop dead all at the same time can be called a mirracle. Man oh man, what a smell. Those things stays with you for a long, long time. This sort of details you’ll never forget.

Me with my camera in my hand

Jezus, me behind him, Schweik and my older brother Toon. Photos made by Thomas Raberg.

30 years of RMC Choppershow posters

We started with our first RMC Choppershow in 1992, April 19th in Blokker. A year later in Abbekerk and from 1994 till 2002 in Wervershoof in ‘De Dars’. Then, in 2003, we moved to Hoorn in ‘Kart City Hoorn’. And since 2007 we hold our Choppershow in ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud. We had to cancel our shows in 2020 and 2021 due to Corona regulations. We had to cancel it again last year due to renovations in sportscentre ‘De Dars’. But this year – 2024 – we reached our 30th RMC Choppershow. When you think of the above one wonders where all these years have gone.

But hey, I’m pleased to been part of it. Thirty shows is a milestone, that’s for sure. We, Rogues MC Opmeer and Almere, hope that you have enjoyed our shows over the years and hope to meet you all again on March 31st in ‘De Weijver’ in Hoogwoud for our 30th RMC Chopperhow.

Brass, RMCF

Harley Stroker – VII

Not so long ago I wrote about missing issues of Easyriders magazine. Number two, three and four and others. But these three contained the missing articles about ‘Different Strokes for different Folks’.

Anyway, that’s the the thing about internet. There are always people, who can fill in the gap. I’ve been contacted by Marcel, a blog reader, who send me pictures of the missing articles.

The layout is different compared with the articles published in Easyriders magazine. But what the hack. I’ve done my utmost best to get hold of the original pages. Number four below is a good example of de difference between the send pictures and the one published in Easyriders magazine.

Sportster Monday – Jammer Handbook

In less then seven weeks our 30th RMC Choppershow will be a fact. And for those of you riding a Sportster and thinking about making your bike looking like a damn good looking chopper, might look at the advert above.

This advert from D & D Distributers appeared in Easyriders magazine number 15, from August 1973, that’s over fifty years ago. In that same year the first issue of Jammer Handbook was published and could be ordered.

These Jammer Handbooks were hot topics among chopper-builders. I also have several of these handbooks in my collection and we, the older members, always used these catalogues as a sort of guide. When you leaf through these old issues many memories come to mind.

B&B’s, Hotels and apartments within 15km from Opmeer and Hoogwoud for our 30th RMC Choppershow on March 31st and/or our 45th Anniversary in the first weekend of August this year

There are many locations to choose from, but below a list of those nearby. Other locations are Heerhugowaard, Medemblik or even Alkmaar. We do have campsite-options at our clubhouse for those of you with a camper, caravan or tent. But if you want a bit more luxe the list below can help.

B&B’s, Hotels and apartments Spanbroek, Opmeer, Hoogwoud and Aartswoud

B&B Binnen en Buiten Spanbroek – Spanbroekerweg 23, 1715GH Spanbroek, +31651120082, info@binnenenbuiten.nl

Herberg Spanbroek [hotel] – Spanbroekerweg 33, 1715GH Spanbroek, +31618369177, https://herbergspanbroek.nl / info@herbergspanbroek.nl

BNBSpanbroek – Spanbroekerweg 140 1715GT Spanbroek, +31612888917, BNBSpanbroek@gmail.com

B&B Lokaal Wadway – Wadway 31, 1715GX Spanbroek, +31655384116

B&B Zomderdijk – Zomerdijk 32, 1715KJ Spanbroek, +31646037587, benbzomerdijk@gmail.com / http://www.benbzomerdijk.nl

Zandwerven 23, 1715KL Spanbroek, +31618771898 [apartment]

Middelpunt Opmeer – Middelweg 36, 1716KC Opmeer, [apartment]

B&B Kamer 241 – Westerboekelweg 2, 1718MK Hoogwoud, +3162 829661, http://www.bedandbreakfast.nl/nl/a/76399/kamer-241

Controversy Tram Inn – Koningspade 36, 1718MP Hoogwoud, +31648370494, cindy@controversy.nl

B&B Ontbijt bij de boerenmeid – Herenweg 57, 1718AC Hoogwoud, +31629534577, ontbijtbijdeboerenmeid@gmail.com

B&B De Gouwe Plek – Gouwe 42, 1718LL Hoogwoud, +31637454204, https://degouweplek.traveleto.com

Hotelhuisjes Aartwoud – Kolkweg 6, 1719NL Aartwoud, +31657247915, info@hotelhuisjesaartswoud.nl / http://www.hotelhuisjesaartswoud.nl

Abbekerk / De Weere / Benningbroek

B&B Ina Bulk – Populierenlaan 2, 1657AM Abbekerk, +31229581881,

B&B Smederij Abbekerk – Zuideinde 47, 1657EE Abbekerk, +31651288844, aukje@smederijabbekerk.nl / http://www.smederijabbekerk.nl

B&B Chalet Ben in Broek – Oosterstraat 79, 1654JN Benningbroek, +31229575574, beninbroek@gmail.com / http://www.beninbroek.nl

B&B Het Witte Huis – Oosterboekelweg 56, 2317DJ De Weere, +31613270568,

Obdam / Hensbroek

B&B Hollandse Lucht – Dorpsstraat 176B, 1713HN Obdam, +31610002766, info@hollandselucht.com / http://www.hollandselucht.com

B&B Op Zolder – Wogmeer 20, 1711SP Hensbroek, +31644186228, info@bnbopzolder.nl / http://www.bnbopzolder.nl

B&B De Oudestal – Dorpsstraat 37, 1713HG Obdam, +31226451406, tamis-anneke@de-oudestal.nl

B&B Appelbloesem – Dorpsstraat 195, 1713HG Obdam, +31226451901,

Hoorn and surroundings of Hoorn

Van der Valk Hotel Hoorn A7
Westfriese Parkweg 1, 1625MA Hoorn, +31229799060, hoorn@valk.com / http://www.hotelhoorn.com

Van der Valk Hotel Wieringermeer [more then 20km away]
Terpstraat 49, 1771AC Wieringerwerf, +31227601717, wieringermeer@valk.nl / http://www.hotelwieringermeer.nl

Hotel de Keizerskroon Hoorn
Kleine Noord 4, 1621JG Hoorn, +31229212717, info@keizerskroonhoorn.nl / http://www.keizerskroonhoorn.nl

Hotel de Magneet
Kleine Oost 5, 1621GR Hoorn, +31229215021, http://www.hoteldemagneet.nl

Kaap Hoorn Club B&B
Schelphoek 4, 1621MK Hoorn, +31615102639, contact@kaaphoorncharters.nl

Heavens Hotel
Grote Kerk 36, 1621ET Hoorn, +31229228045, info@heavenshotelhoorn.com / http://www.heavenshotelhoorn.com

B&B Achterom 7 – Achterom 7, 1621KP Hoorn, +31653839141,

Hotel/B&B De Posthoorn
Breed 23, 1621KA Hoorn, +31619807005, info@bandbdeposthoorn.nl / http://www.bandbdeposthoorn.nl

Ysbrants Boutique Hotel
Achterom 16, 1621KV Hoorn, +31229859814, home@ysbrantsz.nl / http://www.ysbrantsz.nl

Hotel Oostereiland
Schuijtjeskade 5, 1621DE Hoorn, +31229820246, http://www.hotel-oostereiland.nl

Bed and Breakfast Hoorn
Wolkammer 2, 1625TA Hoorn, +31642204245, http://www.bedandbreakfasthoorn.com

El Puerto Bed and Breakfast
Visserseiland 100, 1621AA Hoorn, +31652846081, http://www.elpuertohoorn.business.site

Harley Stroker – VI

The 9th issue of Easyriders magazine from above and below is from October 1972, published by Paisano Publications Inc. in California. The past days I’ve posted several articles about ‘boosting’ your Harley back in da days…

That is…. more then fifty years ago. Hmmm. But in the 9th issue was also a article about a 200mph Dual-Shovel-Muscle Bike. Serious shit. Anyway, today the ninth artice explaining a thing or two about engine- and rear-wheel sprockets and the results you’ll get when doing so. This topic is a good lesson, even today.

Brass, RMCF

30th RMC Choppershow and 8th CRP book launch

March 31 we will have our 30th chopper show in The Weijver in Hoogwoud. It will also be the launch of the 8th Chop, Ride & party book by Rogues member Beer and family. On the photo a compilation of the choppers Beer has made an article of for that new book issue. We are trying to get some of those on our show. The Bikes on photo are from Finland, Italy, England, Italy, Sweden and the United States. All photographed on location by the CRP team.

Beer and Els in 2022, during our 29th RMC Choppershow, when they launched their 6th CRP Book.