Nol’s Dragracer

Back in the nineties Schweick and Nol spend their time and money into Dragracing. This kind of hobby ain’t cheap and that’s a fact. On this photo, most likely made by Duco de Vries, we see Stud [our former President], Smog and Nol [on there backside] and Ger and of course Nol’s yellow Harley dragracer. Damn, they both were fast. But not as fast as me in my wheelchair, hahaha…

Easter Sunday

Although the number of infections with the Covid-19 virus is currently going through the roof in the Netherlands, the first preliminary measurements show that the newest variant is decreasing in ‘strength’. Which means; less pressure on and in hospitals.

We, RMC, still assume that our 29th RMC Choppershow will be able to take place on Easter Sunday, the 17th of April this year.

But as previously reported on our blog, we too can’t control everything. Our government, local politicians or the virus itself can always throw a spanner in the works. We hope not, but we would like to point this out to you in advance.

We also realize all too well, if we have to cancel it again, that this will mean another huge disappointment!

This does not alter the fact that we are assuming the positive for the time being!

Sporty Monday

What about heavy lifting? Well, if you want to be sportive, heavy lifting can do the trick. Back in 2016 we were busy building a new clubhouse. No further explanation needed there.

Anyway, on the 25th of May that year manpower was needed to lift concrete beams and place them into the right position. Here we see Wicky, our current President of RMC, doing just that. Ain’t that sporty?


The new year is now on its second day and no one knows what it will bring us. That is to say, you can plan a lot in advance and arrange certain things, but you simply cannot control everything.
Such as the weather, or political decisions, incoming meteorites and a difficult pandemic for almost two years now.

However, we are going to make a renewed attempt in good spirits to make it a great year. With the 29th RMC Choppershow as ‘kick-off’.

From this place; ‘make the best of it this year’.

Brass, RMCF

All these photos are from April 5th, 2015, on our 24th RMC Choppershow

New Year’s Eve

Normally we celebrate New Year’s Eve in our clubhouse and set off fireworks. Then there are tasty snacks to eat, usually the ‘left overs’ of Christmas. But now, for the second time in a row, the Dutch government has imposed a ‘lockdown’ for several weeks.

That also has consequences for us. So most of us are now, out of necessity, celebrating at home.

Nevertheless, we RMC Opmeer and Almere wish you all a very good end and a prosperous and virus-free new year.

With a bit of luck we can meet again during the 29th RMC chopper show. And we will, of course, keep you informed about developments in this area.



Schweick [RIP] and Nol used to ‘battle’ on the dragrace-strip in the nineties. They went to Oudewater, Den Helder, Silverstone and other places to compete with the best of Europe in their game.

Here’s a nice photo of Schweick’s dragracer in the ‘pit-lane’. This photo is made in 1995/1996. We see Smog, …., Ger and in the front Stud, president of RMC at the time.

Photo most likely by Duco de Vries