Pult Racing

Last Sunday Pult organized a demo with his Suzuki two-stroke racer. Fonda was his second man in command and helped him were he could. Starting these ‘machines’ is a bit of thing. But when it starts, boy, what a sound! Lucky for us Pult made ‘light’ dampers for this occasion.

That sound brought back old memories. Our mopet-time, but then there bigger brother.

Pult and Fonda busy starting the Suzuki, while Jezus admires the ‘scene’.

Fonda helps Pult lifting the rear wheel from the Suzuki from the ground.

Wicky and Snikkel, our ‘ Swedish cook’ joined the team.

Prospect Bram oversees the whole.

Rogues MC 40years – History part IV

Last Saturday I was telling you about some of the highlights during these last 40 years. The choice of words wasn’t correct. Somebodies death ain’t a highlight of course, but for me it made a great impact on the list of what I consider ‘important enough’ to be recalled. But I’m confident you all understood what I meant.

It’s a huge list of memorable parties, events and encounters with good friends and clubs in these past 40 years from all over the world. It’s my list and maybe a list of those who have been in our club and still are for at least 38 years or more. Only Beer, Fonda, Stud and me have reached the full 40 years, closely followed by Nacks. Those of us who have been in our club less then 10 years will have a complete other list and everybody in between as well. But as I mentioned, it’s my list. And before you know it, you’ve stepped on somebodies toes because you forgot to mention them or you forgot to mention ‘that’, whatever that ‘that’ was. I’m fully aware of that effect. And so therefor from my side: sorry!

Brass, co-founder Rogues MC Opmeer


Our 30th Anniversary in 2009

Rogues MC 40years – History part III

On Sunday I started a article about party-patches. We began in 1987 with these party-patches. By now we’ve reached 1999, the year the ‘millennium-bug’ was a hot topic for system-supervisors uising Windows-NT or Novell Netware, such a myself those days. The year 1999 was also the year we opened our new clubhouse, which had taken us several years to build, just like our newest clubhouse. It was also the year we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Also a milestone. Our former clubhouse had proven to be perfect for giving parties like our 20th anniversary.

But just like many other things, this habit also fell out of use.
Moreover, if you visited many parties, your color slowly but surely changed into a Christmas tree. And as an MC member, that is not the intention. So also for us the fun was over after 2000, the start of a new millennium. For the loyal fans we have maintained it up to and including 2003. One part of me says it’s a pitty we stoped and the other part tells me – also from a financial point of view – it’s better this way. And who knows, it will come back someday.

The year 2003 was the last year for us to ‘sell’ party-patches. And therefor came a end of sort of custom, which had started in 1987.

The coming days more about other topics.

Rogues MC 40years – History part II

I just came back from our clubhouse, after having a good meal made by Snikkel in our brand new kitchen. Yesterday I wrote to tell you more. And as I told you also yesterday, at the end of 1985 we finally had our first clubhouse of our own. Ideal for giving parties. So we now also had the opportunity to give a club party on our own grounds. No sooner said than done. In 1987 it was time. Our 8th birthday was a fact. But because our birthday coincided with the CCN Party at the time, we celebrated it in the first weekend of September. When the CCN took a “time-out”, we moved our party back to the first weekend of August, our founding date.

So a invitation ‘poster’ had to made and send to our friends. About these posters I will come back to you and tell you more.

We also started with these anniversary patches in 1987. Unfortunately I had broken my neck a few months earlier during a motorbike accident with my Harley and could therefore not be present at this party. That is therefore also the reason why this first patch from 1987 does not appear in this list, unfortunately. I would have loved to have shown him if I had had him. And if anyone of you can fill in the gap, please let us know.

Rogues MC 40years – History part II

In 1991 and 1992 we went to another shop for making these patches. Unfortunately they made a mistake and used a ‘q’ instead of a ‘g’. After the first year, while giving them the benefit of the doubt, they somehow made the same mistake again. How stupid can they be…. So, in 1993 we went, again, to another shop.

Yes, 1994 was our 15th anniversary already and by that time we had been to many countries in Europe and beyond.

Later more…