Drum vs Disc brakes

This discussion was still going on in the 1970s. Nowadays this is no longer the case. Anyway, at the time this could ruin many party.
And as stated in the June 1972 edition of Easyriders magazine, both systems must in any case be properly adjusted.

Below is the article in question that discussed the correct adjustment of drum brakes. For those who still have access to an chopper/motorbike with drum brake[s] can learn something from this, if they didn’t already know this.

Sportster Monday – Easyriders August 1978

In the August 1978 issue of Easyriders Magazine number 62 there was this Sportster chopper build by Jammer. Jammer was one of the ‘main’ suppliers of chopperparts those days. Jammer’s Handbook was a sort of chopper parts bible back then. Their first issue appeared in 1973. I started buying them since number eight, 1980.

In 2019 I posted more about the history of Jammer cycle parts. The Sportster below is a very neat ‘machine’. But if you have that many parts to choose from and if you choose well of course, the result will be something like you see below.

Photos made by Pete Chiodo.