A lot of people do not realise how many bikers are building teh coolest choppers right now. True, it is still a small group but they do add up. In our club some guys started building seventies choppers. Nol is one of them and Beer is building his for his two percenter yearbook Chop, Ride & Party. Check it out on facebook.

Beautifull choppers of ol’times

Man, you gotta love this. You are seeing it happen not only in our club. The Japanese been building mega long traditional choppers for a couple of years now. At the Verona show in Italy recently they had quite some of those bikes and also at the save-the-chopper bikeshow in Bad Schwanzwaffeln in Germany there were several radical seventies long bikes


Dutch Trash Choppers, this years personal winterproject by Nol

This winter there are not many chopper projects going on in our club because we do not have the use of a workshop since the clubhouse burned down. Instead many members are helping build a new place. Nol has been working at Beer’s place on his bike. We already posted a sneak preview of the mock-up of this radical chop he is building. No we will follow the real built.