New Years Eve in Luxemburg

After celebrating New Years Eve we told Ed we wanted to go home. ‘No way, we go do something cool, didn’t  you always say you wanted to visit School Bar Atelier in Mecrin France”?

YES! Thanx to Mike from HDC Harley Brothers, School Bar Atelier opened shop allthough it actually was closed.

The ultimate respect from the town you live in! That is what you see on the mural in the town of Mecrin. This was painted by order of the city! Awesome. Don’t read the comments section, haha.

Highnecks clubstyle

Besides Highneck Choppers built by Jesse James and the ones that look like it, there are also a lot of other Highnecks in the club scene of today. Softails, Dyna’s and even FXR’s chopped the traditional way by cutting the stock frames, stretching them to accept longer forks. Chops mostly fitted with a frisco gastank. In most clubs they leave the back-end of the bike pretty much stock… This FXR here is being built by Patrick from El Forastero MC. These type of bikes handle better then stock.

We predict that these style of choppers will become more popular and that people start making them look more custom then they look now. They could start by making the back-end look way better then stock by chopping or making one-off fenders, lowering the seat-location, making different one-off swing-arms…plenty of ideas.