Sporty Monday


Yes, peeps, this really is a Sportster motor! Love the cam cover but the sprocket cover is just da bomb. A piece of art, just like the controls are. Sweet! Customize that motor too if ya can, taking it all one step further. You know what is so cool about Sporty choppers at the moment? People buy them and chop them as keepers. It aint there steppingstone to a bigger cc Harley anymore. They just prefer the quality, the looks and the performance of a Sportster and therefor the realise then can spend as much time and money on them as they want because they are not selling it anytime soon.

Scotty Forbes, King of Highnecks


This is Scott Forbes on his wild chopped Dyna. This guy has been chopping bikes for ever. He does it the traditional way by changing stock frames. All his chops have that typical American club look. A lot of stretch and hardly any rake.  A thing you don’t see that much here in Europe. Check him out on facebook.

And hey Scotty, did did you steal one of Flathead Mick’s trousers?