Sundayz at da Rogues Motorcycle Club


Every sunday we meet and drink and eat together. Some take their kids, sunday is the family day. Often we just order food like Pizza or Spare Ribs but more and more times we have our own members cooking dinner. This time it was our guy Snickle. He and his wife have a Catering Company. In the pouring rain Snickle was barbequeing these spicey piri piri chicken. Man they were so fingerlicking good better then from any restaurant. Snickle, man, we decided you can stay!

Winter Projects: Building the new Clubhouse in Opmeer.


Our member Bruut, strongest man in the Rogues, haha. While others are starting their chopper projects we have a totally different project to handle. We first have to finish our new place before we can start building again. But hey, we would not be true Rogues if we could not tackle this little issue.