”Making mistakes”

Dear blog readers; do you know that feeling when you make such a stupid mistake without realizing it? Then it simmers for three days until someone, in this case Beer, points out this stupidity. Anyway, I have now corrected it and added a few things.
This concerned the posts ‘Swingarms I, II and III.’ The blog followers who watch every day now know what I mean. Of course I know the difference between a Springer fork and a Swingarm, but that doesn’t mean I’m flawless. Somehow I switched those two in my mind. Sorry about that…

Swingarm – Choppershow Theme – III

Back in 1980 Schweik was the first of us to own a Harley. He swapped his Honda 550 swingarm chopper for this Harley ‘Liberator’ 45cu inch.

A few years later, in 1984, Fonda and former member Kwak also had a Harley ‘Liberator’. My older brother and former member Toon had one to.

Schweik bought a Harley swigarm after he sold his Liberator to Kwak and made this chopper from it. This photo was made in April 1984 and you see Schweik, me, Fona and Kwak behind Schweik’s swingarm chopper.

First a photo from 1984 with Kwak, Beer and me.

Our bikes parked in our garage at home in June 1985, prior to our trip to Sweden. Fonda’s Liberator, Kwak’s Liberator, Blut’s Sportster swingarm and in the back my Harley my swingarm chopper. Toon’s Liberator is just out of sight.

Me on my swigarm chopper back in 1985

Kwak and his Liberator in 1986

The photo above we see Toon on his Liberator and me and Brom on the back on my Harley chopper back in 1986 on our way to Denmark.

Swingarm – Choppershow Theme – II

On the first photo we see Annemarie and Beer back in 1985 behind Blut’s converted swingarm Sportster. He had removed the rear suspension and replaced it with two stiff steal bars.

In that same year Blut replaced his frame fot the one you see above. This type of hardtail was the exit point from of the ‘later’ Attackit Hardtails sold by L&L.

Bram on his Harley softail Chopper back in October 2018 and below Snikkel on his Harley softail Chopper.

Francis [R.I.P.] on his Harley swingarm Chopper

Choppershow theme: ‘Swingarms’

The theme this year will be Swingarm choppers. Although most choppers on our show are hardtails, we will have some softail and swingarms too. Especially of the latter; the swingarms. We will have quite a few on display.

In the late seventies, early eighties people started chopping their Harley frames to accept longer frontends without the bike going up from the ground. Mostly the old factory hardtails but a lot of Stock Harley Swingarms were chopped too. Especially in the States. We are seeing a new trend of swingarm choppers lately and thought it was nice we could share a few with you all.

On photo, the Swingarm chopper of Fred from the Chopperheadz. Go see it in the flesh on March 31 in ‘Sporthal De Weijver’.

Harley Stroker – IX

In Easyriders magazine from October 1971, from Paisano Publications Inc. the third part of ‘Different Strokes for Different Folks’ was published. This post is the final part in this series. It took me a while to get them all.

It’s is very educational to read these articles. You learn something from it. But hey, it’s up to you wheter you’re willing to go through them.

The page below is the same tekst as the one above. It was send to me by Marcel, a blog follower. I received this page just before the one above, but thanks anyway. It’s good to know there are people who are willing to help you.