Back in da Days


Back in the days when you were not considered a biker if you did not ride a chopper. Now everybody is a biker and only the ones on choppers are called differently, they are TWO PERCENTERS!

Want to be different? Build a chopper and ride it and show your two percenter patch to the world! And hey Yvon, thanx for sending this excellent pic.



Cool Knuckle project by Rico Fodrey from the Sinners ( ya know, those guys who had a TV show years ago). Rico visited the Rogues in Opmeer once so we still stay in touch a bit. He sent us a lot of photos of projects he is or was working on. Keeping that CHOPPER spirit alive.

About the project on photo:Love it that he did NOT try to keep it period perfect. Nothing wrong with building period perfect bikes, in fact it can be big fun but doing it differently is great too.