Cool Knuckle project by Rico Fodrey from the Sinners ( ya know, those guys who had a TV show years ago). Rico visited the Rogues in Opmeer once so we still stay in touch a bit. He sent us a lot of photos of projects he is or was working on. Keeping that CHOPPER spirit alive.

About the project on photo:Love it that he did NOT try to keep it period perfect. Nothing wrong with building period perfect bikes, in fact it can be big fun but doing it differently is great too.

Jockey shifting, Suicide Clutching


There aint nothing more cool looking than a biker on a chopper, shifting with a jockey shift.  The words alone already sound cool. And what about suicide clutching? Sounds and looks even more cool. And you know what? As soon as you got that foot clutch set up right it is even fun to do too!

We had quite some guys in the club who used to shift like that and still have few now.

On photo: Steel City Choppers, from Chicago, if I remember well. Could also be from Detroit or something, correct me if I am wrong (the power of the blog, you know, blablabla)

Rogues Chopper History


The chopper that rocked the world! This chop was built by our member Hond and was featured in European Choppers. When people talk about that book they always mention this bike here. Hond sold it but bought it back recently, it had been changed by several former owners. Now Hond  wants to bring it back to how it looked on this pic.

We once had a lot of members riding longbikes influenced by the Swedes but we gave them a look of our own, adding some American style aspects and  things like other bars then the tiller bars the Swedes liked so much or different pipes as they would make. I think we made our choppers look a bit more aggressive than the Swedes. I think we were a bit more aggressive too, haha.

Chop, Ride & Party magazine


Finally….. it was about time. Our guy Beer, the one who does most work for this blog as well, has started his own magazine. It will be presented and available at our RMC Choppershow in April next year. It is an annual chopper-only publication with cool bad ass choppers mostly from Europe but also some from other parts of the world. It will have a lot of art in it, travel-tips, travel stories, chopper and biker history and much more. Go to the Chop, Ride & Party facebook page and share or like it please. It will be appreciated.