Building the new Rogues Clubhouse in Opmeer


Okay let me explain. You probably know, but for those who don’t, our clubhouse was put on fire and burned almost to the ground. Not only did we lose the place we have built with so much love and passion, we also lost a lot of gifts and art work. Some stuff stayed undamaged though. Like this oak barrtop for instance! So Lucky to still have it. It felt good when we unloaded the pieces and put them in the new clubhouse we are building right now.

Time to start building choppers again


It is winter and hundreds of Norhthern Europeans are starting new chopper projects. Let us know, send some photos! Love this US chopper project here. They used a Harley 45 ‘liberator’ frame as a base, and they chopped it for a longer front end and to accept this motor and tranny. Great job! And these are the final pipes guys? Saw it is already the third mock up.

Rogues anniversary ride-out


We had a ride-out in August with our anniversary party. Everybody in the pack loved it, so, yes we will continue doing this. We rode to Zaandam this time and that brought back a lot of good memories. Talking about our times riding and partying with the National Chopper Club. Early eighties, as a matter of fact, looking at the quality of the photo, the way the people and bikes look, this photo could have been taken in the eighties but it truely was this year, 2016.