Scotty Forbes, King of Highnecks


This is Scott Forbes on his wild chopped Dyna. This guy has been chopping bikes for ever. He does it the traditional way by changing stock frames. All his chops have that typical American club look. A lot of stretch and hardly any rake.  A thing you don’t see that much here in Europe. Check him out on facebook.

And hey Scotty, did did you steal one of Flathead Mick’s trousers?

The Harman Legacy


Marcus from Germany is building this really interesting chopper. It has a lot of Harman parts. Amongst chopper lovers John Harman is mostly known for his frontends but that was not the only thing the man made.

The frontend on photo is one of three prototypes John Harman has built, The frame is Harman too. And the motor is an Early Harman Shovel. The bike is now still at Bill Hollands place. Bill was the partner of John Harman when John was still alive.

The Harman Legacy


Marcus is a real Harman freak. He got hold of this Harman prototype frontend. It has a spring system at the neck that I still have to figure out. Also came without bars. At the moment Marcus works on making a gastank and a very special oilbag with the help of his buddy Paul from Sugarmountaincustoms in California. Love that frontwheel too!