There are a lot of Choppers in Asia. In Japan, Indonesia and Thailand for instance. Not everybody in Thailand has the money to buy a Harley and use that as a base for their chopper projects so you see a lot of Honda V twins. Compared to the Europeans these guys apparantly have a much better eye for turning those Jap bikes into something very nice. Look at this one here. We love it!



Rogues member Beer is working on a new magazine. Actually, it will be more of book, 160 pages and hard cover. It will be an anual publication. So one issue a year.  He calls it the Chop, Ride & Party ROADBOOK. It is made for the two percenter movement, for all chopper lovers. So yes, it will be choppers only! Written in English with many interesting articles about building and riding choppers, roadtrips, history and art, much art work. Allthough the writer Beer os one of the men behind this Rogues blog and  a member of the club, the book is an independent enterprise of him. It has nothing to do with the club except that it will have a lot of stuff in it that the Rogues like. Check it out. More information on facebook.

Chop, Ride & Party will be presented at the RMC Choppershow next year, Easter.

HESSIANS MC keeping the Chopper spirit alive!


We never thought we would ran into these guys but we did. We first saw there video some eight years ago. Man, oh man, were these guys crazy in the old days. And today? Still a bunch of bad-asses. And the best thing….they are still into choppers. Not all and mostly the older guys but they have some cool shit riding around. We asked HESSIANS MC nomad (sorry Toneye is WEST COAST, not nomad, so hey blogfollowers, read the comments, you should Always read the comments haha) member Toneye (here on photo with his wife) to send us some pics. Thanx man, if you have more pics of cool HESSIAN choppers, you now know how to reach us. And Toneye, old club photos are welcome too.


Tom and Jennie Fugle!


On photo: Tom Fugle and his ol’ lady Jennie when we first met them in 2013. That’s the chopper Tom was riding that day. A cool rubbermount hardtail. It was a great experience to meet Tom but Jennie is a cool lady too. The two of them just got married!

Tom is sick, the big C has hit him bad! Jennie tries to care for him as good as she can. Tom loves to hear from people who like what he does and stands for. Drop him a line if you can, it might cheer him up. You can reach him through instagram or go to Jennie Fugle’s facebook.


Cool American Dudes


Max Schaef and Tom Fugle eyeballing Michael Barragan’s excellent chop, we visited both Tom and Max one time, together with our friends from the Deathtraps MC.  The trip to Chopper God Tom and the El Forastero almost was like a fucking pelgrimage, haha.

And hey junior choppergod Max, how are you today? Thanx for inviting us to your home.

And mr. Barragan, we want to see new choppers built by you man, they are super cool! Keep that spirit alive!