Caro from France


We: Hey Caro, can we use that last sexy photo of yours for our blog?

Caro: That photo of my ass? Yes, you can use the photo of my ass!

We: Okay, thank you very much

Caro: but wait, hey, wait, Jerem sais you can only use that photo if you post a photo of me and my chopper too and then you also must tell everybody that I am his girlfriend.

We: Oh, haha, no problem!

Swedish Choppers


Another prime example of how most Swedish bikers used to built their choppers. This is a typical Swedish chopper. We had a lot of this kind of bikes in the club for a long time. Totally influenced by the Swedes. Today all over Europe you can find small clubs still riding this style of bikes. We know of them in Germany, Italy and France. There are not many anymore but they still excist!