Race them choppers


More and more parties are about improvising. No fucking programs with things to do and watch from early in the morning till late at night. Instead, just a cool location, a great ride up there, and the rest is left to the people. IMPROVISE, is the main thing here. So hey, lets do a race, I bet your Shovel not as fast as my Sporty…

Caro from France


We: Hey Caro, can we use that last sexy photo of yours for our blog?

Caro: That photo of my ass? Yes, you can use the photo of my ass!

We: Okay, thank you very much

Caro: but wait, hey, wait, Jerem sais you can only use that photo if you post a photo of me and my chopper too and then you also must tell everybody that I am his girlfriend.

We: Oh, haha, no problem!