On the road


Besides building our choppers we love to ride them. We love to race to the clubhouse, like to ride the small country roads in our neighbourhood but the choppers in our club are not just built for sunday afternoon rides, they are built to go the distance too, built to last. We make ‘m look pretty, shiny and special but realise and accept they can get damaged when we ride them. There is nothing more special than to ride a bike built by yourself. There is a sence of pride, stock bike riders will never experience.  It is an absolute thrill to realise that every thing on your own chopper works the way it is supposed to. There also is the element of being able to show others what you have accomplished. Yes, people, look at me, see this bike? you like it? I built it myself! Yep, built by me, myself and I.  Another cool thing about riding a one-off chopper is knowing you are not one of the mass, not a tame sheep but a rebel, a non conformist and a true individualist. Compared to riding a stock bike, riding a hand built chopper is just a total different feeling.  It often feels as if you yourself are the main character in some cool old biker flick. You feel like for a moment you are Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Sonny Barger or more recent Jesse James. Enjoying the attention of people you pass or are being passed by on the highway, people in awe on the side of small town streets when their attention is drawn by the roar of your pipes, the shine of your chrome and the off-the-wall looks of your chopper. We fucking love it. And besides all that we dig visiting like minded people and talk and party with them. We like the possibility of making more friends every time we hit the road.

This is what we do, this is what we like, it is our lifestyle.