Choppers Holland

I remember seeing the bike on photo in the flesh when I just bought my first Harley myself. I don't recall it having that ridiculous seat, frontfender and stand, but I do know that we loved it, just because it was so much out of the ordinary, I guess. The owner, Paultje Cocken from Utrecht, even had a reardrive on it. We were visting HD shop Dijkshoorn. Cocken roared into this small street, came to a halt with screeching brakes, put the chopper in reverse and parked it, reartire to the curb. Wow. 


I guess the Swedes were the first in Europe to copy the US chopper-thing. Or at least overthere much more people were into it than anywhere else. And they did it right, when they were building the bikes on photo, in Holland we were just trying. Tomorrow I will show you photos from choppers in Holland in the same time-period, there is some difference in quality, to say the least.  Photo sent by Yvon.

Willem van Vliet

We have a stone of our lost brother schweik at the clubhouse. It had a photo of the man but that photo was fading because of the sun. We did not want Schweik to fade, so Edith, Schweiks widow asked Willem van Vliet if he could airbrush him. This is the result, awesome artwork!!!!! Thanks a lot Willem, you are absolutely the best!!!!

Almere chopperday

When the sun finally came out about 300 poeple showed up. Not much, but everybody wads in the best of moods, so, good company and as usal great food from Spare rib express. Thanks people. Photo Ria

Almere chopperday

When we left the Opmeer clubhouse it was raining like a muthafucka. When we arrived in Almere there were hardly any visitors at all. When it dried up and the sun came out it was already 15.00 hours. Then slowly people dropped in and finally it became a very good day. Great atmosphere, good food, cool drinks, two great bands. All in all, a good day. Photo Ria. Grandpa Redneck proudly showing his grandchild.