El Forastero

Great vintage photo of El Forastero. In that old American color-club you can only be a member if you own a chopper! The great biker-painter David Mann used to be a member. Photo sent by Yvon

Sweden 1983

Our bikes parked on the side of the highway in the rain. It was actually a good year, a lot of sun. Some years later Beer and Torra went to Sweden and Norway and it rained for three weeks in a row! Photo Brass

Problems with the Popo

The clubhouse of the Oklahoma Rogues was raided last week. Several members arrested. Allthough we have met the Oklahoma Rogues several times and allthough we both agreed we would not fight over the name, the USA Rogues and the Dutch Rogues are two different clubs.

Sporty monday

You can build anything around a Sportster engine. The 1200 Sportster is the fastest aircooled Harley at the moment. So, it is  a bike for people who like to go fast. When you are building a chopper out of it, it will weigh less and will be even faster. Because of its affordability it is a perfect base for any chopperproject! Just imagine yourself riding the classic styled longbike on the photo and then take of with a wheely and show everybody your taillight….