One day in the eighties we were at a Peking Outlaw party in Norrkoping. A man(not a biker) from town showed up and started harassing people. He made the mistake to try to harass our member Brass who immedeately kicked the shit out of him and threw him of the grounds by his hair. Many Swedes were upset. This was not how they handled in Sweden they said…To make things worse the notorious Bullshit MC from Denmark started talking to us, so the Swedes thought we must be good longtime friends with them or something. Now all trust towards us was gone. When carbs were stolen that night, the Swedish organisation of the party came to our tent and wanted to search it. Of course we did not steal anything but we never became friends with the Pekings after that happened.


Dominee from Satudarah offering us the present for our 30th birthday. It says 'more than 30 years  SOLID AS A ROCK.' Very cool present! Thanks guys.

Nol report

Nol, our member in the U.S. finally has some more work. Good for him!!! On the foreground you see the trike he has to built and he has many more cool other jobs to do. Those two tramps on photo are Nol and his best friend Bart posing on Jesus' new  bagger. Our member Jesus just finished his radical Panhead chopper (photos soon) but bought a fucking bagger too…. so yeah, we admit, a few of our members ride stock bikes as well.

Monday Sportster Day

Ecke send us some pics of Vintage Harley motors. This is the Harley KH. We could once buy one (complete KH bike)for a couple of hunderd bucks. We had never seen such a Harley before and asked a local Harley dealer what it was. He said it was crap. Next week he had bought the KH himself and proudly showed it off in his showroom.

Monday Sportster Day

Young Guys: Think cheap! Build a Chopper in Rogues-style but use a cheap but fast and reliable Evo Sportster motor as a base instead of a bigger more expensive one. Don't you think it looks ultra cool?