One time we tried to ride our choppers to Greece but never made it. This is our brother Blut riding in Yugoslavia, which is(was) a beautifull country by the way.


In the early Eighties we met the Mothers Freak from Gothenburg, Sweden. We went to the Peking Outlaws party with them. We, ourselves slept in the tents we brought on our bikes. This is how we found the Mothers the next morning. Good Times! Photo by Brass


Yvon found this pic somewhere. I just received the book Asphalt Gods with photos of the Heathens. To be honest, I had expected more of it. But..having said that, I really dig it that somebody pays attention to this dying breed of 70's lifestyle bikeclubs. They are becoming rare. The bigger clubs have a totally different lifestyle at the moment but scattered all over the States you will find small old clubs that still try to live as they did when they started. I know because we have met plenty of clubs like that.