Japan swingarm

Francis, Another Idea. Small apes, smaller gastank, classic tires, the fendersetup shown on the photo below. Yours might need a little stretch, since you already have a slightly longer frontend but that will make it look even better.

Building time

Soon we will have the last ride of the season and can start building again. One of our Almere guys owns a 4speed swingarm Shovel. We want to chop it, Japanese style. So hey, Francis, what about this fender setup? Nice, clean, badass and still room for the ladies!


Busy weekend. Some of us went to a party of the Confedates in Barneveld, others went to the Gringo's in Medemblik and most went to the 15th anniversary of the Veterans in the South of Holland. Lots of good people, great band. Cold weather, almost freezing except for some diehards from the Demons, (Dagger crew of course) everybody came by car….even we did, dammit.